Chester County Night School

Healing Through The Power of Verse

*This course is for women only.* Writing has the power to unlock repressed emotion and open doors to recovery. In this class, we will examine our pasts with a variety of writing techniques. Through delving into our earlier years, we will confront past conflicts and work towards resolution and closure in a safe space. Posible genres include, but are not limited to: the personal narrative, identity poems, letters to our inner children, and/or family of origins; odes, elegies, and epitaphs. Disclaimer: The instructor has created this course in response to the positive feedback from previous students in the poetry and narrative classes over the past six months. This course is a creative writing class and is not a substitute for sessions with a licensed therapist.

Dates:January 2-30, 2018   
Number of Sessions:5
Meets:Tu : 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location:Peirce M.S.
Instructor:Jennifer Ozgur

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