Chester County Night School

Strawberry Bakery

365 Lancaster Ave. (Rte. 30) Frazer, PA 19355 610-644-8484

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18MCU556Bakery Perfect Breads, Tarts and More!Jun 10, 2018Sun$42
18SCU570Delectable DessertsApr 15, 2018Sun$42
18SCU578Easter TreatsMar 18, 2018Sun$42
18MCU566French Cakes, Candies, and Pies!Jul 22, 2018Sun$39
18WCU584French GoodiesFeb 18, 2018Sun$42
18SCU586Paris Spring TreatsMay 20, 2018Sun$42

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