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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
22SCR412Adobe Lightroom: How Did You Get That Picture Look So Amazing?Apr 19, 2022Tue$279
22SCR405Beautiful Boathouse Row & Water Works at NightJun 5, 2022Sun$44
22SCR403WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsMar 14, 2022Mon$229
22SCR403AWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsApr 21, 2022Thu$229
22SCR403BWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsApr 21, 2022Thu$229
22SCU520"Clean" Plate ClubMay 17, 2022Tue$45
22SFH740CA Journey Through Your Akashic RecordsApr 20, 2022Wed$29
22SPD900ACE Personal TrainerApr 14, 2022TH$1595
22SPD901ACE Personal Trainer with InternshipApr 14, 2022Thu$1895
22SFH767AHA Heartsaver CPR CourseApr 13, 2022Wed$69
22SFH767BAHA Heartsaver CPR CourseMay 4, 2022Wed$69
22SCR408AHOY Matey! (Philadelphia Navy Yard)May 15, 2022Sun$44
22SCH123Amazing Adventure Travel Camp - NEW!Jul 25, 2022Mon - TH 8$595
22SLW911American Sign Language Beginner 1Apr 6, 2022Wed$168
22SSP1384Americas Boating CourseApr 5, 2022Tue$70
22SSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkApr 30, 2022Sat$50
22SCR490AArt of BeekeepingApr 16, 2022Sat$52
22SBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessApr 26, 2022Tue$48
22SBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaApr 5, 2022Tue$48
22SSC1201Astronomy, A Beginners GuideApr 4, 2022Mon$72
22SFH740BAwakening Your ChakrasApr 5, 2022Tue$48
22SAM113BYOB and Alcohol InksApr 2, 2022Sat$40
22SHG833Backyard Chickens Egg ProductionApr 4, 2022Mon$39
22SCU504Bake a Scratch Cake and Decorate it Too!Mar 9, 2022Wed$59
22SAM115Basic Sculpture: Learning to Think in 3-DMay 2, 2022Mon$140
22SSP1340Basketball for MenApr 6, 2022Wed$99
22SSP1344Basketball for WomenApr 4, 2022Mon$99
22SHG804Bathroom Design SeminarMar 19, 2022Sat$60
22SFH781Beginner Barre and PilatesApr 6, 2022Wed$112
22SFH739Beginners Mindful Meditation - NEW!Apr 6, 2022Wed$88
22SFH740Beginners Mindful Meditation - NEW!Apr 21, 2022Thu$88
22SCU595Big Bold RedsApr 19, 2022Tue$35
22SCR492Blacksmithing for BeginnersMar 26, 2022Sat$115
22SCU501Bonjour! Chocolate Macarons - ZOOMFeb 22, 2022Tue$59
22SCU545Bread From Across The PondApr 14, 2022Wed$69
22SCU550Bring On Brunch! - ONLINEApr 3, 2022Sun$41
22SCU476Cheesemaking and Ricotta TastingMay 8, 2022Sunn$65
22SCU477Cheesemaking and Ricotta TastingMay 28, 2022Satt$65
22SCU528Chopping Block Knife SkillsApr 7, 2022Thu$70
22SCO305Cloud Computing -ONLINEMar 17, 2022TH$129
22SSP004Complete Long Game/WoodsMay 21, 2022Sat$46
22SLW924Conversational GermanApr 4, 2022Mon$105
22SSP002ACoventry Woods HikeMay 14, 2022Sat$29
22SFH039Create Your Life and Release AnxietyApr 5, 2022Tue$105
22SCR404Creative Night Photography (with Fire Spinning)Mar 30, 2022Wed$229
22SLW910Creative Writers Boot Camp - OnlineMar 19, 2022Sat$39
22SFH040Develop Your Intuition with Hypnosis and NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming)Apr 12, 2022Tue$112
22SAM142Don't Fret The Fretboard: Guitar for BeginnersApr 4, 2022Mon$115
22SAM122Doodling and DrawingApr 13, 2022Wed$78
22SAM108Drawing All LevelsMar 24, 2022Thu$280
22SCU505Easy Peasy Focaccia!Mar 30, 2022Wed$59
22SHG828Edible or Ornamental? Create Captivating Containers for Inside and Out!Apr 4, 2022Mon$60
22SFH024Eight Pieces of BrocadeMar 16, 2022Wed$48
22SBU047Elder Law: Protect Your AssetsApr 5, 2022Tue$48
22SSP1383Essential Knowledge For BoatersApr 6, 2022Wed$40
22SFH711Expressing Healthy Anger and Anger Management- ONLINEMar 15, 2022Tue$39
22SCU549Faboulously Easy Desserts - ONLINEMar 9, 2022Wed$59
22SCU511Fast, Fresh & FlavorfulApr 26, 2022Tue$45
22SCR424Felted Jewelry WorkshopMar 19, 2022Sat$40
22SAM114Figure DrawingApr 7, 2022Thu$160
22SBU205Financial Finesse For WomenApr 6, 2022Wed$48
22SBU222Financial IQApr 12, 2022Tue$52
22SBU223Financial IQApr 21, 2022TH$52
22SCR004Floral Arranging 101Apr 9, 2022Sat$99
22SSP1307Fly-Fishing 101Apr 6, 2022Wed$97
22SCU512Four Fabulous FonduesMar 8, 2022Tue$45
22SCR410Freeze It! (High Speed Photography)Apr 20, 2022Wed$139
22SLW915French 1 - ONLINEApr 7, 2022Thu$130
22SLW907French BeginnerApr 4, 2022Mon$137
22SCU590From Vines to Wines: Introduction to WineMar 29, 2022Tue$35
22SCU546Fun With Herbs and SpicesApr 28, 2022Wed$69
22SCR420Gemstone EarringsMay 2, 2022Mon$56
22SHG808AGet SOLD on Home StagingApr 6, 2022Weded$36
22SHG808BGet SOLD on Home StagingApr 26, 2022Tue$36
22SSP007Getting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf InstructionApr 26, 2022Tue$215
22SSP007BGetting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf InstructionApr 28, 2022Thu$215
22SAM173Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceApr 28, 2022TH$52
22SLW906Getting Started in Freelance Writing - ONLINE!Mar 14, 2022Mon$72
22SGIFTSGift Certificates*ba 0, 0
22SCU594Gifted Grape: 90 Points or HigherApr 5, 2022Tue$35
22SSP007AGirls On The Green: Ladies' GolfApr 27, 2022Wed$215
22SCR401Glassblowing DrinkwareApr 9, 2022Satt$101
22SCR421Handmade Button PendantApr 19, 2022Tue$56
22SCU540Hankering For HungarianApr 8, 2022Fri$138
22SFH741Healing From Trauma of Loss with Flower EssencesMar 14, 2022Mon$39
22SFH742Healing From Trauma of Loss with Flower EssencesApr 5, 2022Tue$39
22SCU547Hey Dumplin!May 5, 2022Wed$69
22SBU231How to Buy a Home in Today's Competitive MarketApr 11, 2022Mon$39
22SCO303IPhone Essentials -ONLINEApr 5, 2022Tue$129
22SAM194Improv Why Not?Apr 4, 2022Mon$126
22SCR422Infinity PendantApr 4, 2022Mon$56
22SDA603Intro to Ballroom and Latin Dance - Session AMar 1, 2022Tue$120
22SDA604Intro to Ballroom and Latin Dance - Session BApr 26, 2022Tue$120
22SFH768AIntroduction to AikidoMar 14, 2022Monon and Weded$159
22SAM108AIntroduction to WatercolorMar 29, 2022Tue$140
22SLW903Italian for TravelersApr 6, 2022Wed$137
22SHG803Kitchen Design SeminarMar 5, 2022Sat$60
22SCU503Knife SkillsMar 2, 2022Wed$59
22SCR006AKnitting for AllApr 4, 2022Mon$154
22SCR474Learn Needle Felting! - SheepFeb 27, 2022Sunn$60
22SCR475Learn Needle Felting! - SongbirdsMar 20, 2022Sun$60
22SAM111Learn The Art of ExpressionismApr 5, 2022Tue$227
22SCR414Learn and Shoot: Photo Field Trip to Haverford College AboretumMay 14, 2022Sat$44
22SCR416Learn and Shoot: Photo Field Trip to Ridley State Park/Colonial PlantationJun 4, 2022Sat$44
22SCR415Learn and Shoot: Photo Field Trip to Scott AboretumMay 7, 2022Sat$44
22SFH711ALearn how to Speak Up! Set Limits! Say No! - ONLINEMar 22, 2022Tue$39
22SCU502Let's Bake! - Irish Soda BreadMar 16, 2022Wed$59
22SDA600Line Dancing Level 1Apr 5, 2022Tue$105
22SSC1211Lost Philadelphia - History, Stories and TraditionsApr 2, 2022Satt$49
22SCU548Main Dish SaladsMay 12, 2022Wed$69
22SCR413Making Friends with Your CameraApr 6, 2022Wed$96
22SLW931Mandarin Chinese for BeginnersApr 4, 2022Mon$168
22SSP1382Marine NavigationApr 5, 2022Tue$40
22SBU202AMedicare101Apr 4, 2022Mon$36
22SBU203Medicare101Apr 12, 2022Tue$36
22SBU202DMedicare101Apr 20, 2022Wed$36
22SBU202CMedicare101May 5, 2022TH$36
22SCR419Memory Wire BraceletsApr 25, 2022Mon$30
22SCU518AMission "Impossible" MenusMay 10, 2022Tue$45
22SCU541Moroccan MagicApr 1, 2022Fri$138
22SPD905NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Exam Prep (Test Voucher Incl)Apr 14, 2022Thu$1295
22SCR411NEW! Long Exposure PhotographyMay 11, 2022Wed$147
22SCU514One Pan CookingMar 22, 2022Tue$45
22SSC1206Owls, Snakes, and Turtles! PA's Native WildlifeApr 7, 2022TH$29
22SSC1206AOwls, Snakes, and Turtles! PA's Native WildlifeApr 20, 2022Wed$29
22SAM110Painting Miniature Landscapes with GouacheApr 5, 2022Tue$280
22SSP1333Pickleball, Beginner- NEW!Apr 1, 2022Fri$76
22SAM112Plein Air in the ParkMay 3, 2022Tue$140
22SBU207BRetirement Planning Today - ONLINEFeb 1, 2022Tue$49
22SBU207ARetirement Planning Today-ONLINEJan 29, 2022Sat$49
22SCU552Romantic Dinner for Two! - ONLINEApr 7, 2022Thu$41
22SCO302Scan Photos, Slides, Negatives and Documents-ONLINEMar 8, 2022Tue$129
22SFH729ASculpt and Tone with Mo!Apr 5, 2022Tue$98
22SFH711BSelf Care: - During Crisis Times - ONLINEMar 29, 2022Tue$39
22SBU232Selling Your Home In Today's MarketApr 4, 2022Mon$36
22SBU232ASelling Your Home In Today's MarketApr 21, 2022TH$36
22SSP005Short Game Clinic - Co-EdMay 7, 2022Sat$46
22SCU515Simple VietnameseMar 31, 2022Thu$45
22SHG019Small Scale FarmingMay 22, 2022Sunn$50
22SCU551Souper Spectacular! - ONLINEMar 29, 2022Tue$59
22SLW012Spanish 1Apr 6, 2022Wed$168
22SLW914Spanish 1 - ONLINEApr 5, 2022Tue$130
22SCR406Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyMar 31, 2022Thu$89
22SCR407Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyMay 16, 2022Mon$89
22SCU544Springtime Fruit DessertsApr 7, 2022Wed$69
22SCU517Summer Sides and SlawsMay 5, 2022Thu$45
22STT1594TINA! The Musical on Broadway w/ DinnerMar 19, 2022Sat$278
22SSP1329Tennis, BeginnerApr 2, 2022Sat$86
22SCU534Thai One On For CouplesMay 6, 2022Fri$138
22SCR430The Art of the Pen: CalligraphyApr 4, 2022Mon$136
22SSC1210The Lincoln SeriesApr 6, 2022Wed$99
22SHG827The New Fresh and Local Growing Your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables!Apr 25, 2022Mon$84
22SCU598The Wine Guessing GameMay 3, 2022Tue$35
22SCU599The Zin BinMay 17, 2022Tue$35
22SSP1373US Coast Guard Auxillary Boating Safety Education CertificateApr 4, 2022Mon$85
22SCU540AUnder The Tuscan Sun for CouplesApr 15, 2022Sat$138
22SCU441Under The Tuscan Sun for CouplesMay 20, 2022Sat$138
22SFH712Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification - ONLINEApr 5, 2022Tue$99
22SFH713Usui Reiki Level 2 Certification - ONLINEApr 12, 2022Tue$99
22SFH714Usui Reiki Level 3 Certification- ONLINEApr 19, 2022Tue$99
22SCR409WOW! - The Art of Pet PhotographyJun 4, 2022Sat$79
22SBU225CWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Apr 5, 2022Tue$10
22SBU225AWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Apr 7, 2022TH$10
22SBU225EWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Apr 25, 2022Mon$10
22SCU596Wine Country: A Tasty Tour of ItalyMar 15, 2022Tue$35
22SFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiMar 15, 2022Tue$112
22SCU592Winning Wines Under $20May 31, 2022Tue$35
22SCU539Wok This Way!Apr 29, 2022Fri$138
22SCR493Woodturning: An Intro to the LatheMar 5, 2022Sat$89
22SAM109World Class Painting and DrawingApr 6, 2022Wed$227
22SFH700Yoga For BeginnersApr 6, 2022Wed$98
22SFH783Yoga Stretch BeginnerApr 5, 2022Tue$112
22SFH784Yoga Stretch BeginnerApr 7, 2022Thu$112
22SFH704Yoga for Mental Health ONLINEApr 4, 2022Mon$59
22SFH705Yoga for Mental Health ONLINEApr 6, 2022Wed$59
22SHG824Your Best Flower/Vegetable Garden EverApr 6, 2022Wed$126

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Course NameTypeFee
Donation to Chester County Night SchoolDonation$25

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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