Chester County Night School

Art Music and Theater

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
17FCHECK108AAfter School Ceramics- Session 2Nov 27, 2017Mon$90
17FAM026AArt of PinstripingNov 14, 2017Tue$90
17FAM031Ceramic Glass Ornament(Closed)*Nov 7, 2017Tue$65
17FAM049Ceramic Sampler- New End Date!Oct 20, 2017Fri$185
17FCHECK107AClay Animals and Pets Session IINov 30, 2017Thu$85
17FAM042Clay and ChardonnayDec 15, 2017Fri$50
17FAM041Clay and Chardonnay- Date Change!(Closed)*Nov 17, 2017Tue$50
17FCHECK110BClayworks!Nov 8, 2017Wed$80
17FCHECK107BDrawing and Painting(Closed)*Oct 26, 2017Thu$65
17EXAM125Drawing for People Who Can't Draw A Straight LineNov 6, 2017Mon$99
17FAM027Felted Home DecorNov 18, 2017Sat$65
17FAM196Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceNov 6, 2017Mon$52
17WCR404Glassblowing Decorative Ornaments- Just added!Dec 17, 2017Sun$99
18WCR400Glassblowing Drinking GlassesFeb 11, 2018Sun$99
17FCR403Glassblowing Flower VasesNov 12, 2017Sun$102
18WCR402Glassblowing Heart Shaped PaperweightsFeb 4, 2018Sun$99
17FCR494Glassblowing Holiday OrnamentsDec 10, 2017Sun$102
18WCR401Glassblowing PaperweightsJan 21, 2018Sun$99
17FCR495AGlassblowing Pumpkin WorkshopOct 22, 2017Sun$102
18WCR403Glassblowing VasesJan 7, 2018Sun$99
18WAM130Introduction to Studio RecordingJan 15, 2018Mon$259
17FAM028BJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOB(Closed)*Oct 20, 2017Fri$65
17FAM028CJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOBDec 1, 2017Fri$65
17FAM028DJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOBDec 8, 2017Fri$65
17FCHECK110AKinder Clayworks!Nov 6, 2017Mon$80
17FAM028Metal Jewelry(Closed)*Oct 19, 2017Thu$125
17FCR401Paperweight WorkshopNov 26, 2017Sun$102
17FCHECK108BParent/Child CeramicsNov 6, 2017Mon$75
18WAM131Voice Overs in the StudioJan 16, 2018T$235
17FAM131AVoice Overs in the Studio-Just added!(Closed)*Oct 17, 2017Tue$239
17FCR014AWow! Amazing Beauty in Abandoned and DecayingOct 28, 2017Sat$67
17FCR019AWow! Fantastic Fire SpinningNov 7, 2017Tue$44
17FCR017Wow! Night Photography & Light PaintingOct 19, 2017Thu$229
17FCR018AWow! Picture Perfect Postcards @LongwoodNov 28, 2017T$47

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