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Beginners' Classes

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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
17FAM046Acid Metal EtchingSep 20, 2017Wed$220
17FDA044Adult Beginner BalletSep 5, 2107Mon$87
17FDA044AAdult Intermediate BalletSep 7, 2017Thu$87
17FDA045Adult Intermediate JazzSep 20, 2017Wed$87
17FLW911American Sign Language Beginner 1Sep 18, 2017Mon$135
17FLW911AAmerican Sign Language Beginner 2Sep 21, 2017Thu$135
17FCR490Art of BeekeepingNov 18, 2017Sat$39
17FDA686EArt of Belly DancingSep 7, 2017Thu$125
17FAM026Art of PinstripingSep 5, 2017Tue$90
17FAM026AArt of PinstripingNov 14, 2017Tue$90
17FAM045Art of SilkscreeningOct 7, 2017Sat$70
17FAM141Banjo II -Beyond BeginnerSep 20, 2017Wed$95
17FAM100Beginner Acrylic Painting – Unleash Your Talent!Sep 19, 2017Tue$137
17FFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongSep 21, 2017Thu$80
17FAM140Beginning Banjo - by EarSep 18, 2017Mon$95
17FCR002Beginning CrochetSep 18, 2017Mon$87
17FCR001Beginning KnittingSep 18, 2017Mon$87
17FPI003Better Sleep with HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI003ABetter Sleep with HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
17FCR492Blacksmithing for BeginnersNov 25, 2017Sat$85
17FDA686FBreakin (Boys 7 -15)Sep 6, 2017Wed$125
17FFH704Chair Yoga MixSep 20, 2017Wed$84
17FCO322Create a Website in 2 HoursNov 8, 2017Wed$45
17FCR003Crochet a Christmas Stocking HeirloomSep 18, 2017Mon$87
17FCR471Crochet, BeginningOct 5, 2017Thu$84
17FAM030Drawing From The BeginningSep 21, 2017Thu$185
17FAM048Drawing WorkshopSep 20, 2017Wed$90
17FAM027Felted Home DecorNov 18, 2017Sat$65
17FLW905AFrench I at HendersonSep 18, 2017Mon$112
17FFH726Functional Fitness!Sep 19, 2017Tue$76
17FCR415Fundamentals of Jewelry MakingSep 20, 2017Wed$94
17FCR414Fundamentals of Jewelry MakingSep 26, 2017Tue$89
17FFH701Gentle Yoga for the BeginnerSep 20, 2017Wed$84
17FFH703Gentle Yoga with a TwistSep 21, 2017Thu$84
17FLW923German BeginnersSep 28, 2017Thu$119
17FCR400Glassblowing Drinking GlassesSep 17, 2017Sun$102
17FCR403Glassblowing Flower VasesNov 12, 2017Sun$102
17FCR494Glassblowing Holiday OrnamentsDec 10, 2017Sun$102
17FCR495Glassblowing Pumpkin WorkshopOct 1, 2017Sun$102
17FCR495AGlassblowing Pumpkin WorkshopOct 22, 2017Sun$102
17FAM145Guitar for BeginnersSep 19, 2017Tue$110
17FAM142Guitar, BeginningSep 18, 2017Mon$120
17FLW010Intermediate FrenchSep 18, 2017Mon$132
17FLW924Intermediate GermanSep 19, 2017Tue$119
17FCR068Joy of Photography, BeginnersSep 19, 2017Tue$90
17FDA686BLine Dancing For Fun & FitnessSep 6, 2017Wed$125
17FDA686HLittle Stars Ballet & TapSep 5, 2017Tue$125
17FPI002Lose Weight With HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI002ALose Weight With HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
17FDA043Lyrical Dance Class- IntermediateSep 5, 2017Tue$125
17FLW932Mandarin Chinese and CultureSep 18, 2017Mon$154
17FFH701AMindful Movement(Closed)*Sep 18, 2017Mon$84
17FCO315No More Hunting and Pecking: Keyboarding for BeginnersSep 18, 2017Mon$115
17FCR401Paperweight WorkshopNov 26, 2017Sun$102
17FAM003Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts PhoenixvilleSep 19, 2017Tue$160
17FAM002Pottery for Beginners -Community Arts PhoenixvilleSep 19, 2017Tue$160
17FAM004Pottery for Beginners -Community Arts PhoenixvilleSep 21, 2017Thu$160
17FFH705Prenatal YogaSep 21, 2017Thu$84
17FAM101Reiki Infused Abstract PaintingSep 19, 2017Tue$137
17FSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for BeginnersSep 20, 2017Wed$180
17FLW934Russian for BeginnersSep 19, 2017Tue$73
17FCO323ASmartphone AdvancedOct 11, 2017Wed$45
17FCO323Smartphone BasicsSep 27, 2017Wed$45
17FLW913Spanish ISep 18, 2017Mon$145
17FLW912Spanish ISep 19, 2017Tue$154
17FPI001Stop Smoking With HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI001AStop Smoking With HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
17FFH710Tai Chi For LifeSep 19, 2017Tue$102
17FFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanSep 13, 2017Wed and Sat$225
17FDA686DTeen/Adult Ballet- Beginner / IntermediateSep 5, 2017Tue$125
17FDA686CTeen/Adult JazzSep 5, 2017Tue$99
17FSP1327Tennis for Advanced PlayersAug 24, 2017Thu$139
17FSP1326Tennis for Intermediate PlayersAug 23, 2017Wed$139
17FSP1329Tennis, BeginnerAug 28, 2017Mon and Wed$139
17FCR418The Art of the Pen: CalligraphySep 18, 2017Mon$99
17FDA686GTwinkle Toes BalletSep 9, 2017Sat$125
17FFH701BYoga FlowSep 19, 2017Tue$84
17FFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshSep 18, 2017Mon$60
17FFH702Yoga for Every BodySep 19, 2017Tue$84

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