Chester County Night School

Couples Classes

It's better when you do it together! Schedule a fun Night School learning experience with your partner or significant other. Dance the night away with swing, ballroom, social, or Latin dance classes ... enjoy a fun and delicious cooking adventure designed for couples ... or bring your spouse at no additional charge to an informative financial management seminar. Click on the links below to see full details.

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FCU551"I Love You Dumpling" for CouplesDec 14, 2018Fri$128
18FCU547"Ladle, Leaf and Loaf" for CouplesNov 9, 2018Fri$128
18FCU545"Meet Me In Marakesh" Moroccan for Couples(Closed)*Oct 19, 2018Fri$128
18FCU549"Yo Man" Jammin' in Jamaica for CouplesNov 30, 2018Fri$128
18FDA6301st Advanced Social & Ballroom DancingSep 26, 2018Wed$158
18FDA6201st Intermediate Social & Ballroom DancingSep 17, 2018Mon$158
18FDA6312nd Advanced Social & Ballroom DancingSep 26, 2018Wed$158
18FDA6212nd Intermediate Social & Ballroom DancingSep 17, 2018Mon$158
19WCU536A Winter Dinner Party for CouplesJan 25, 2019Fri$128
18FDA040Ballroom DancingSep 18, 2018Tue$52
18FDA618Basic Social & Ballroom DancingSep 17, 2018Mon$158
18FDA619Basic Social & Ballroom DancingSep 26, 2018Wed$158
18FCU545ABreakfast for Dinner for CouplesOct 26, 2018Fri$128
18FDA632Bride/Groom Wedding DanceSep 29, 2018Sat$62
18FBU222AComplete Financial ManagementOct 10, 2018Wed$52
18FBU211Complete Financial Management WorkshopSep 18, 2018Tue$49
19WCU539Cooking with Wine and Spirits for CouplesFeb 8, 2019Fri$128
18FDA633Father/Daughter Wedding DanceOct 6, 2018Sat$62
18FCU540Global Empanadas for Couples(Closed)*Oct 5, 2018Fri$128
18FCU553Global Soups for CouplesDec 28, 2018Fri$128
18FCU544Global Street Food for CouplesOct 12, 2018Fri$128
19WCU540Global Tapas for CouplesFeb 15, 2019Fri$128
19WCU542Grilled Gourmet Pizzas for CouplesFeb 22, 2019Fri$128
18FCU552Holiday Appetizers for CouplesDec 21, 2018Fri$128
19WCU535Homemade Pasta for CouplesJan 18, 2019Fri$128
19WCU537Mollusk Magic for CouplesFeb 1, 2019Fri$128
18FDA634Mother/Son Wedding DanceOct 6, 2018Sat$62
18FCU546One Night In Bangkok for CouplesNov 2, 2018Fri$128
18FCU548Opa Opa: Greek for Couples(Closed)*Nov 16, 2018Fri$128
18FAM012Paint Your Own Serving Bowl - NEW!(Closed)*Nov 16, 2018Fri$60
18FAM013Paint Your Own Serving Platter - NEW!Oct 19, 2018Fri$60
18FAM013APaint Your Own Serving Platter - NEW!Nov 30, 2018Fri$60
18FAM014BPaint and Pin(o)t- O'KeefeNov 2, 2018Fri$50
18FAM014CPaint and Pin(o)t- RothkoDec 7, 2018Fri$50
18FAM014APaint and Pin(o)t- WarholOct 5, 2018Fri$50
18FCU550The Best of Budapest for Couples(Closed)*Dec 7, 2018Fri$128
18FCU535The French Connection (for Couples)(Closed)*Sep 28, 2018Fri$128
19WCU532The Spanish Table for CouplesJan 4, 2019Fri$128
19WCU533Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Jan 11, 2019Fri$128
18FCU534Yo Meatball for CouplesSep 21, 2018Fri$128

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