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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19WFH709(All Levels) Heart-Centered YogaJan 8, 2019Tue$117
19SFH709(All Levels) Heart-Centered YogaMar 19, 2019Tue$117
19WFH711(All Levels) Mindful FlowJan 9, 2019Wed$90
19SFH711A(All Levels) Mindful FlowMar 20, 2019Wed$90
19WFH703(All Levels) Yoga with a TwistJan 10, 2019Thu$130
19WFH701(Beginners) Baby Boomer YogaJan 8, 2019Tue$130
19SFH705A(Beginners) Baby Boomer YogaMar 19, 2019Tue$130
19WFH706A(Intermediate to Advanced) Yoga FlowJan 7, 2019Mon$130
19WFH776AACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingJan 8, 2019Tue$75
19WFH776ACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingJan 9, 2019Wed$75
19SFH776AACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH776ACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingFeb 27, 2019Wed$75
19WFH799BAccelerated Adult Swimming LessonsJan 10, 2019Thu$130
19SFH799BAccelerated Adult Swimming LessonsFeb 28, 2019Thu$130
19WDA044Adult Beginner BalletJan 8, 2019Tue$87
19SDA044Adult Beginner BalletMar 19, 2019Tue$87
19WDA448Adult Beginner JazzJan 9, 2019Wed$87
19SDA448Adult Beginner JazzMar 20, 2019Wed$87
19SFH767AAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingApr 9, 2019Tue$69
19SFH767Adult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingMay 2, 2019Thu$69
19SSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkApr 27, 2019Sat$42
19WFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingJan 12, 2019Sat$75
19SFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingMar 3, 2019Sun$75
19SFH799Aqua AerobicsFeb 25, 2019Mon$55
19SFH799AAqua AerobicsFeb 26, 2019Tue and Thu$100
19SFH796AAqua Power CircuitFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH796BAqua Power CircuitFeb 28, 2019Thu$75
19WFH792Aqua Spinning & ToneJan 7, 2019Mon$75
19SFH792Aqua Spinning & ToneFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH792AAqua Spinning & ToneFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH792CAqua Spinning & ToneFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH792BAqua Spinning & ToneFeb 28, 2019Thu$75
19WFH790AArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramJan 8, 2019Tue and Thu$50
19SFH790AArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramFeb 26, 2019Tue and Thu$50
19SFH781Barre Fit ClassesMar 6, 2019Wed$90
19SFH781ABarre Fit ClassesApr 17, 2019Wed$90
19WFH043Basics on the Pilates ReformerJan 22, 2019Tue$85
19WFH795Beginner KettlebellsJan 8, 2019Tue$75
19SFH795Beginner KettlebellsFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH795ABeginner KettlebellsMar 2, 2019Sat$75
19SFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongMar 19, 2019Tue$80
19SFH771Beginning TRX Suspension TrainingFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19WFH704AChair Yoga MixJan 9, 2019Wed$70
19SFH704AChair Yoga MixMar 20, 2019Wed$70
19SFH704Chair Yoga: Strengthen & Stretch-NEW!Mar 11, 2019Mon$109
19SFH770Core, Cardio and Power Personal Training (In A Group Setting)Feb 28, 2019Thu$75
19SSP002ACoventry Woods HikeMay 8, 2019Wed$29
19WFH791Easy Spin - Just Cruisin'Jan 7, 2019Mon$75
19SFH791Easy Spin - Just Cruisin'Feb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH791AEasy Spin - Just Cruisin'Mar 1, 2019Fri$75
19WFH777AEmpowering Water WalkingJan 7, 2019Mon$55
19WFH777Empowering Water WalkingJan 9, 2019Wed$55
19SFH777Empowering Water WalkingFeb 25, 2019Mon and Wed$100
19SFH777AEmpowering Water WalkingFeb 25, 2019Mon$55
19WFH001BEssential OilsJan 26, 2019Sat$30
19SDA695Explore the Joy of Movement through NiaMar 20, 2019Wed$69
19SFH772Fusion Class - 30' Power up Walk and Strength CircuitFeb 28, 2019Thu$75
19SFH703Gentle Yoga with a Twist (All Levels)Mar 21, 2019Thu$130
19SFH023Gentle Yoga, Stretch & MeditationMar 14, 2019Thu$109
19SPI1003How to Hear and Heal with the Arch AngelsMar 26, 2019Tue$89
19SPI1012AIntroduction To Botanical Energetics and Flower EssencesApr 30, 2019Tue$29
19SFH768Introduction to AikidoApr 1, 2019Mon and Weded$59
19SFH794Kettlebells with Lester JilesFeb 27, 2019Wed$75
19SFH794AKettlebells with Lester JilesMar 2, 2019Sat$75
19SFH070Learn Self HypnosisMar 19, 2019Tue$60
19WDA685Line Dancing Level 1Jan 8, 2019Tue$84
19SDA685Line Dancing Level 1Mar 19, 2019Tuee$84
19SDA686Line Dancing Level 1Mar 21, 2019Thu$84
19SFH704BNEW! Fit MomMar 19, 2019Tue$70
19SFH798Parent & Tot Swimming LessonsFeb 26, 2019Tue$96
19SFH798AParent & Tot Swimming LessonsFeb 28, 2019Thu$96
19SFH798BParent & Tot Swimming LessonsMar 2, 2019Sat$96
19WFH727Pilates FusionJan 8, 2019Tue$76
19SFH727Pilates FusionMar 26, 2019Tue$86
19SFH779Pilates Mat ClassMar 5, 2019Tue$60
19WFH708Prenatal YogaJan 10, 2019Thu$117
19SFH708Prenatal YogaMar 21, 2019Thu$117
19SFH736AReiki I CertificationApr 2, 2019Tue$88
19SFH736Reiki I CertificationApr 16, 2019Tue$88
19SFH047Restorative Pilates Reformer- For Beginners, Seniors, Plus Size and More!Jan 22, 2019Tue and Thu$85
19SSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for BeginnersMay 1, 2019Wed$182
19SFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingMar 11, 2019Mon$200
19SFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingMar 27, 2019Wed$227
19WFH004AStrength & Mobility : Designing a Safe & Active Life as You Age - NEW!Jan 16, 2019Wed$49
19SFH783Stretching The Yoga WayMar 5, 2019Tue$90
19SFH783AStretching The Yoga WayApr 16, 2019Tue$90
19WFH710Tai Chi For LifeJan 8, 2019Tue$102
19WFH710ATai Chi For LifeJan 10, 2019Thu$102
19SFH710Tai Chi For LifeMar 19, 2019Tue$102
19WFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanJan 8, 2019Tuees$225
19SFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanMar 20, 2019Wed$225
19SFH003The Power of Food and Lifestyle Choices for a Healthy Body and MindMar 19, 2019Tue$49
19SFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiMar 19, 2019Tue$81
19SFH711Women's Self Defense (Adults and Teens)Feb 26, 2019Tue$99
19SFH700Yoga BasicsMar 19, 2019Tue$90
19SFH706AYoga Flow (Intermediate to Advanced)Mar 18, 2019Mon$130
19WFH701AYoga FundamentalsJan 7, 2019Mon$130
19SFH701Yoga FundamentalsMar 18, 2019Mon$130
19SFH769CYoga Inspired Stretching with NikkiFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH769BYoga Inspired Stretching with NikkiFeb 27, 2019Wed$75
19WFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshJan 7, 2019Mon$56
19SFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshMar 18, 2019Mon$64
19WFH705Yoga for Every BodyJan 8, 2019Tue$130
19SFH705Yoga for Every Body (Beginners)Mar 19, 2019Tue$130
19WFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshJan 7, 2019Mon$56
19SFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshMar 18, 2019Mon$64
19SFH006Yoga/Pilates FusionMar 14, 2019Thu$109

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