Chester County Night School

Photography and Photo Editing

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
17FCR070Joy of Digital Photography, Advanced IntermediateOct 10, 2017Tue$120
17FCR068Joy of Photography, BeginnersSep 19, 2017Tue$90
17FCR411Photography Workflow using LightroomSep 20, 2017Wed$86
17FCO357APhotoshop CC, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 6, 2017Mon and Tue$415
17FCO357Photoshop Elements at SpringhouseSep 29, 2017Fri$210
17FCR411APost-processing Images with Lightroom and PhotoshopSep 21, 2017Thu$110
17FCR015WOW! - Photography Boot Camp ISep 19, 2017Tue and Thu$229
17FCR015AWOW!- Photography Boot Camp IIOct 10, 2017Tue$229
17FCR014Wow! Amazing Beauty in Abandoned and DecayingSep 16, 2017Sat$67
17FCR014AWow! Amazing Beauty in Abandoned and DecayingOct 28, 2017Sat$67
17FCR019Wow! Fantastic Fire SpinningSep 23, 2017Sat$44
17FCR019AWow! Fantastic Fire SpinningNov 7, 2017Tue$44
17FCR018Wow! Fantastic Fountains @ Longwood GardensSep 14, 2017Thu$47
17FCR016Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomOct 9, 2017Mon and Wed$279
17FCR017Wow! Night Photography & Light PaintingOct 19, 2017Thu$229
17FCR018AWow! Picture Perfect Postcards @LongwoodNov 28, 2017Thu$47
17FCR019BWow! Waterfalls and Wilderness -- Ricketts GlenOct 7, 2017Sat$94

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