Chester County Night School

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Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18SAM147Adult Beginner Group Piano LessonsMar 21, 2018Wed$129
18SAM148Adult Beginner Group Piano LessonsMar 22, 2018TH$129
18WPT1182Agility Training and Fun Tricks for DogsJan 14, 2018Sun$199
18WPT1180Beginning Dog ObedienceJan 14, 2018Sun$145
18WSC1206Birds of Prey WorkshopJan 16, 2018Tue$34
18SPI1032Getting Started at HomeschoolingApr 10, 2018T$29
18WLW905Healing Through The Power of VerseJan 2, 2018Tue$59
18SCU517Pinch and Snip: Cooking with Fresh HerbsApr 16, 2018Mon$45
18WPT1181Puppy KindergartenJan 14, 2018Sun$145
18SCU516Skillet SuppersMar 12, 2018Mon$45
18WAM131Voice Overs in the StudioJan 16, 2018T$235
18SAM131Voice Overs in the StudioMar 20, 2018T$235

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