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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
17MDA044Adult Beginner BalletJul 11, 2017Tue$87
17MDA044BAdult Beginner JazzJul 10, 2017Mon$87
17MDA042Adult Beginner TapJul 10, 2017Mon$87
17MDA044AAdult Intermediate BalletJul 13, 2017Thu$87
17MDA042ABeginner Tap 14-18 Years OldJul 12, 2017Wed$87
17FPI003Better Sleep with HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI003ABetter Sleep with HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
17FPI022Divorce Course for WomenOct 3, 2017Tue$89
17FPI002Lose Weight With HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI002ALose Weight With HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
17SPI1030Manly Mistakes Men Make on Match.comSep 27, 2017Wed$34
17FPI1024ASophisticated Secrets For Women to Online DatingSep 25, 2017Mon$39
17FPI001Stop Smoking With HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI001AStop Smoking With HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
17MDA045ZumbaJul 13, 2017Thu$87

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