Chester County Night School

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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19SCU549A Puerto Rican Party for CouplesMay 17, 2019Fri$128
19SCR490Art of BeekeepingApr 27, 2019Sat$44
19SCR490AArt of BeekeepingJun 8, 2019Sat$44
19SFH751BBarre Fusion at Penn OaksMar 21, 2019Thu$99
19SCR492Blacksmithing for Beginners(Closed)*May 25, 2019Sat$94
19SDA632Bride/Groom Wedding DanceMar 23, 2019Sat$60
19SCU540Carribean Celebration for CouplesMar 29, 2019Fri$128
19SCU526Eat Your Way Through The Italian MarketApr 6, 2019Sat$50
19SCU526AEat Your Way Through The Italian MarketMay 11, 2019Sat$50
19SDA633Father/Daughter Wedding DanceMar 30, 2019Sat$60
19SCU532French Farmhouse for Couples(Closed)*Mar 1, 2019Fri$128
19SCR403AGlassblowing Flower VasesMay 5, 2019Sun$101
19SCU540BGlobal Tapas for CouplesMar 14, 2019Thu$128
19SCU544Global Tapas for Couples(Closed)*Apr 5, 2019Fri$128
19WCU542Grilled Gourmet Pizzas for CouplesFeb 22, 2019Fri$128
18FTT037Grounds For SculptureMay 4, 2019Satt$88
19SCU547Hungry for Hungarian for Couples(Closed)*May 3, 2019Fri$128
19SCU533I'm Just Wild About Curry for CouplesMar 8, 2019Fri$128
19SCU548Indian 101 for CouplesMay 10, 2019Fri$128
19SCU550Italian Farmhouse for CouplesMay 24, 2019Fri$128
19SCU546Mediterranean Harvest for CouplesApr 26, 2019Fri$128
19SDA634Mother/Son Wedding DanceMar 30, 2019Sat$60
19SCU553Pizzas, Strombolis and Calzones for CouplesJun 14, 2019Fri$128
19SCU551Portuguese Homestyle Cooking for CouplesMay 31, 2019Fri$128
19SCU545Rajun' Cajun' for Couples(Closed)*Apr 12, 2019Fri$128
19SCR400St. Paddy's Day Drinking MugsMar 10, 2019Sun$101
19SCU535Tex Mex for CouplesMar 22, 2019Fri$128
19SCU552Thai One On for CouplesJun 7, 2019Fri$128
19SCU542AUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Feb 22, 2019Fri$128
19SCU534Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Mar 15, 2019Fri$128
19SCU545AUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Apr 19, 2019Fri$128
19SCU545BUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples - Just Added!(Closed)*May 11, 2019Satt$128
19SFH751AZumba At Penn OaksMar 23, 2019Sat$72

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