Chester County Night School

Courses Taught by Charlotte Ann Albertson Cooking School

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18SHG804Bathroom Design SeminarApr 17, 2018Sat$45
18STT524Bus Trip to the Culinary Institute of America - DATE CHANGEApr 30, 2018Mon$130
18WCU524Culinary Boot CampJan 9, 2018Tue$300
18SCU521Fiesta: Tacos and TequilaApr 23, 2018Mon$45
18WCU526AHands-on Cutting Board 101Jan 18, 2018Thu$70
18WCU020AIntro Culinary Boot CampJan 9, 2018T$60
18SHG803Kitchen Design SeminarApr 14, 2018Sat$55
18SCU522Mango Mania!May 7, 2018Mon$45
18SCU519Produce Perfection!Apr 26, 2018Mon$45
18WCU527Tour China: Annual Wine Pairing DinnerJan 12, 2018Fri$115
18SCU526Tour The Italian MarketApr 21, 2018Sat$50
18WCU536Wine & Cheese Values to Beat the Winter Chill- ALL NEW!Jan 21, 2018Sun$55
17WCU525Wine Pairing Dinner- Tour de ChinaJan 12, 2018Fri$115
18SCU518Wines & Cheeses for Easy EntertainingApr 22, 2018Sun$55

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