Chester County Night School

Courses Taught by Art Roman

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
17FCU547Apres Ski Dinner for CouplesNov 17, 2017Fri$128
17FCU550British Gastro Pub for CouplesDec 15, 2017Fri$128
17FCU538French Farmhouse Dinners for CouplesOct 6, 2017Fri$128
17FCU534Georgia On My Mind for CouplesSep 22, 2017Fri$128
17FCU533Global Street Foods for CouplesSep 15, 2017Fri$128
17FCU549Greek Favorites for CouplesDec 8, 2017Fri$128
17FCU539Italian FavoritesOct 7, 2017Sat$128
17FCU551Italian Soups and Breads for CouplesDec 22, 2017Fri$128
17FCU536Let's Get Curried Away for CouplesSep 29, 2017Fri$128
17FCU547AMad For Moroccan For CouplesNov 18, 2017Sat$128
17FCU535Miami SpiceSep 30, 2017Sat$128
17FCU545New England Favorites for CouplesNov 3, 2017Fri$128
17FCU546Pizza, Pizza and More Pizza for CouplesNov 10, 2017Fri$128
17FCU540Put A Lime in the Coconut for CouplesOct 13, 2017Fri$128
17FCU548Sorry Charlie - In The Pan for CouplesDec 1, 2017Fri$128
17FCU542Southern Comfort for CouplesOct 20, 2017Fri$128
17FCU546ASouthern Holiday GatheringNov 11, 2017Sat$128
17FCU532Spanish Tapas for Couples(Closed)*Sep 8, 2017Fri$128
17FCU549ATraditional Italian CookiesDec 9, 2017Sat$64
17FCU544Under The Tuscan Sun for CouplesOct 27, 2017Fri$128

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