Chester County Night School

Aquatics Classes

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19WFH776AACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingJan 8, 2019Tue$75
19WFH776ACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingJan 9, 2019Wed$75
19SFH776AACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH776ACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingFeb 27, 2019Wed$75
19WFH799BAccelerated Adult Swimming LessonsJan 10, 2019Thu$130
19SFH799BAccelerated Adult Swimming LessonsFeb 28, 2019Thu$130
19WFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingJan 12, 2019Sat$75
19SFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingMar 3, 2019Sun$75
19SFH799Aqua AerobicsFeb 25, 2019Mon$55
19SFH799AAqua AerobicsFeb 26, 2019Tue and Thu$100
19SFH796AAqua Power CircuitFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH796BAqua Power CircuitFeb 28, 2019Thu$75
19WFH792Aqua Spinning & ToneJan 7, 2019Mon$75
19SFH792Aqua Spinning & ToneFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH792AAqua Spinning & ToneFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH792CAqua Spinning & ToneFeb 26, 2019Tue$75
19SFH792BAqua Spinning & ToneFeb 28, 2019Thu$75
19WFH790AArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramJan 8, 2019Tue and Thu$50
19SFH790AArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramFeb 26, 2019Tue and Thu$50
19SFH771Beginning TRX Suspension TrainingFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH770Core, Cardio and Power Personal Training (In A Group Setting)Feb 28, 2019Thu$75
19WFH791Easy Spin - Just Cruisin'Jan 7, 2019Mon$75
19SFH791Easy Spin - Just Cruisin'Feb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH791AEasy Spin - Just Cruisin'Mar 1, 2019Fri$75
19WFH777AEmpowering Water WalkingJan 7, 2019Mon$55
19WFH777Empowering Water WalkingJan 9, 2019Wed$55
19SFH777Empowering Water WalkingFeb 25, 2019Mon and Wed$100
19SFH777AEmpowering Water WalkingFeb 25, 2019Mon$55
19SFH772Fusion Class - 30' Power up Walk and Strength CircuitFeb 28, 2019Thu$75
19SFH798Parent & Tot Swimming LessonsFeb 26, 2019Tue$96
19SFH798AParent & Tot Swimming LessonsFeb 28, 2019Thu$96
19SFH798BParent & Tot Swimming LessonsMar 2, 2019Sat$96
19SFH769CYoga Inspired Stretching with NikkiFeb 25, 2019Mon$75
19SFH769BYoga Inspired Stretching with NikkiFeb 27, 2019Wed$75

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