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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18SAM100Acrylic Painting -Unleash Your Talent!Mar 27, 2018Tue$137
18SAM147Adult Beginner Group Piano Lessons(Closed)*Mar 21, 2018Wed$129
18SAM148Adult Beginner Group Piano Lessons(Closed)*Mar 22, 2018TH$129
18SAM148AAdult Beginner Group Piano Lessons- JUST ADDED!(Closed)*Mar 22, 2018TH$129
18SCR415Alex & Ani Style BangleMar 20, 2018Tue$21
18SCR415AAlex & Ani Style BangleApr 25, 2018Wed$21
18SLW911American Sign Language Level 1Mar 21, 2018Wed$162
18SCO301Android for BeginnersApr 9, 2018Mon$42
18SCR490Art of BeekeepingApr 28, 2018Sat$42
18SCR490AArt of BeekeepingJun 9, 2018Sat$42
18SCR414Beginner Beaded BraceletApr 16, 2018Mon$21
18SCR414BBeginner Beaded BraceletApr 17, 2018Tue$21
18SCR414ABeginner Beaded BraceletMay 9, 2018Wed$21
18SFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongMar 22, 2018Thu$80
18SAM140Beginning Banjo - by EarApr 5, 2018TH$95
18SCR002Beginning Crochet(Closed)*Apr 2, 2018Mon$87
18SPT1180Beginning Dog Obedience- Start date change!Apr 7, 2018Sat$146
18SAM022Beginning/Continuing Acrylic PaintingMay 1, 2018Tue$65
18SCR492ABlacksmithing for Beginners(Closed)*May 26, 2018Sat$89
18SCR486ACar Repair for WomenMar 19, 2018Mon$59
18SCU017Cheese Making for Beginners(Closed)*May 3, 2018Thu$64
18SFH022Combat Fitness / Kickboxing- NEW!Mar 22, 2018Thu$70
18SCR401Egg Shaped PaperweightsApr 1, 2018Sun$99
18SFH004Fall Prevention- A Physical Therapy PerspectiveApr 25, 2018Wed$21
18SCU521Fiesta: Tacos and TequilaApr 23, 2018Mon$40
18SCR004Floral Arranging 101(Closed)*Apr 28, 2018Sat$97
18SSP1307Fly-Fishing 101Apr 5, 2018Thu$97
18SLW009French for BeginnersApr 2, 2018Mon$132
18SFH703Gentle Yoga with a TwistMar 22, 2018Thu$110
18SLW906Getting Started in Freelance WritingMar 19, 2018Mon$49
18SCR402Glassblowing Drinking GlassesApr 15, 2018Sun$99
18SCR404Glassblowing Mother's Day VasesMay 13, 2018Sun$90
18SCR400Glassblowing Spring Time VasesMar 18, 2018Sun$99
18SCR403Glassblowing Suncatcher OrnamentsApr 29, 2018Sun$99
18SAM142Guitar, BeginningMar 19, 2018Mon$124
18SCR417CHandmade Earrings ClassMar 28, 2018Wed$42
18SCR417BHandmade Earrings ClassApr 3, 2018Tue$42
18SAM027Ink Pen & Ink Wash - NEW!Mar 22, 2018TH$45
18SLW010Intermediate French-Start date change!Apr 2, 2018Mon$132
18SLW924AIntermediate GermanMar 27, 2018Tue$119
18SAM146Intro to the Appalachian (Mountain) DulcimerApr 2, 2018Mon$65
18SCR068Joy of Photography, Beginners(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$90
18SAM038Learn to Paint! - NEW(Closed)*Apr 4, 2018Wed$85
18SCR416Make Your Own Prayer BeadsMar 21, 2018Wed$21
18SLW932Mandarin Chinese for BeginnersMar 20, 2018Tue$179
18SCU522Mango Mania!May 7, 2018Mon$40
18SCR417Memory Wire BraceletMar 27, 2018Tue$17
18SCR417AMemory Wire BraceletApr 9, 2018Mon$17
18SFH711Mindful MovementMar 22, 2018Thu$90
18SFH710ANEW! Fit MomMar 20, 2018Tue$50
18SCR474Needle Felting(Closed)*Mar 19, 2018Mon$49
18SCO315No More Hunting and Pecking: Keyboarding for BeginnersMar 19, 2018Mon$115
18SAM015Paint and Pin(o)t- Monet Edition(Closed)*Mar 16, 2018Fri$45
18SFH779Pilates Mat Class Tuesdays 10:45Mar 20, 2018Tue$60
18SCU517Pinch and Snip: Cooking with Fresh HerbsApr 16, 2018Mon$40
18SAM002Pottery for Beginners(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$160
18SAM004Pottery for Beginners(Closed)*Mar 22, 2018Thu$160
18SAM003Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts Phoenixville(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$160
18SFH708Prenatal YogaMar 22, 2018Thu$80
18SSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for Beginners(Closed)*May 16, 2018Wed$180
18SLW934ARussian I - ConversationalMar 20, 2018Tue$95
18SLW912Spanish IMar 20, 2018Tue$154
18SFH770ATae Kwon Do for BeginnersMar 20, 2018Tue and Thu$49
18SFH710Tai Chi For LifeMar 20, 2018Tue$102
18SFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanApr 14, 2018Wed$225
18SSP1325Tennis for BeginnersMay 2, 2018Wed$139
18SSP1329Tennis, BeginnerApr 16, 2018Mon and Wed$139
18SSP1330Tennis, IntermediateApr 17, 2018T and TH$139
18SCR418The Art of the Pen: Calligraphy-new start date!(Closed)*Mar 28, 2018Wed$99
18SCU527The Chopping Block - Knife SkillsMay 3, 2018Thu$60
18SPI1009Understanding and Managing Your EmotionsApr 3, 2018Tue$29
18SFH706Yoga FlowMar 19, 2018Mon$80
18SFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshMar 19, 2018Mon$60
18SFH705Yoga for Every BodyMar 20, 2018Tue$90
18SCO302iPhone/iPads for BeginnersMar 27, 2018T$59

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