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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FSP1302Adult Horseback Riding - Private All LevelsSep 16, 2019Mon$172
19FCO302BAmazon Alexa and Apple Siri WorkshopDec 5, 2019TH$34
19FLW911AAmerican Sign Language Beginner 1Sep 19, 2019TH$164
19FCR490AArt of Beekeeping(Closed)*Oct 5, 2019Sat$44
19FAM103Artistic Hands: Pottery for Beginners(Closed)*Sep 17, 2019Tue$162
19FAM105Artistic Hands: Pottery for BeginnersSep 19, 2019Thu$162
19FFH719Beginner Tai Chi with Qigong - NEW LOCATION!Sep 19, 2019TH$80
19FLW924ABeginners German ISep 19, 2019Thu$137
19FCU506Beginning Cheese Making(Closed)*Sep 21, 2019Satt$29
19FCU506ABeginning Cheese Making(Closed)*Sep 22, 2019Sunn$29
19FCR492Blacksmithing for BeginnersOct 19, 2019Sat$94
19FDA696Broadway Dance - new start date!Sep 23, 2019Mon$84
19FCU516BCast (Iron) of VeggiesNov 4, 2019Mon$45
19FFH704AChair Yoga MixSep 16, 2019Monondays 12$70
19FSP1300Contract Bridge: An Introductory ClassSep 17, 2019Tue$119
19FCU521Cook the Book: Spread the MustardOct 10, 2019Thu$45
19FCU516ACreative Cast Iron CookingOct 21, 2019Mon$45
19FCR471Crochet, BeginningSep 26, 2019Thu$84
19FAM142Don't Fret The Fretboard: Guitar for BeginnersSep 17, 2019Tue$126
19FAM101BEbony & Ivory: Adult Beginner Group Piano Level 2Oct 10, 2019Thu$131
19FAM101DEbony & Ivory: Adult Beginner Group Piano Level 1(Closed)*Oct 9, 2019Wed$131
19FAM101AEbony & Ivory: Adult Beginner Group Piano Level 1(Closed)*Oct 10, 2019Thu$131
19FAM101CEbony & Ivory: Adult Beginner Group Piano Level 1 ClassOct 10, 2019Thu$131
19FCR402Experimental DrawingSep 16, 2019Mon$59
19FCU512Fast, Fresh & FabulousOct 7, 2019Mon$45
19FFH704BFit MomSep 17, 2019Tue$70
19FCR004Floral Arranging 101(Closed)*Sep 28, 2019Sat$99
19FSP1307Fly-Fishing 101Sep 19, 2019Thu$97
19FCU518AGet Bowled OverOct 28, 2019Mon$45
19FCR002Glass Fusing: Make Your Own SuncatcherSep 24, 2019Tue$48
19FCU523Gluten Free Instant PotOct 17, 2019Thu$45
19FCO302FHey Google: Computer Voice-Activated AssistantsOct 7, 2019Mon$34
19FCU507History and Culture of CheeseOct 15, 2019Tue$59
19FCO302EHow To Build Your Own WebsiteDec 19, 2019TH$34
20WCU566Indian Street Food - Featuring MumbaiFeb 23, 2020Sun$50
19FLW924Intermediate GermanSep 17, 2019Tue$137
19FLW908Introduction to Bookbinding NEWOct 12, 2019Satt$110
19FCU528Knife SkillsNov 7, 2019Thu$70
19FCR006AKnitting for AllSep 17, 2019Tue$129
19FCO323BLearn Smartphone Basics: AndroidSep 26, 2019TH$34
20WCU565Learn to make Paneer - Indian CheeseJan 19, 2020Sun$50
19FCR416CMake Your Own Prayer BeadsNov 7, 2019Thuursday$31
19FCR474Needle Felting: Your Favorite Canine FriendOct 21, 2019Mon$51
19FCR006Organize Your Digital PhotosOct 14, 2019Mon$52
19FCO304Outsmart the ScammersNov 11, 2019Mon$19
19FFH779APilates Mat ClassOct 29, 2019Tue$60
19FAM105APottery For Beginners- Just Added!Sep 26, 2019Thu$162
19FDA697Salsa/Mambo Dance - NEW LOCATION/TIME!Sep 18, 2019Wed$84
19FDA697ASalsa/Mambo Dance- JUST ADDED!Sep 30, 2019Mon$84
19FCU524Salute to SalmonOct 3, 2019Thu$45
19FCO303ASay Cheese! Organize Your PhotosOct 24, 2019TH$34
19FCO302CScan Photos, Slides, Negatives and DocumentsOct 10, 2019TH$34
19FCO302AScan Photos, Slides, Negatives and Documents(Closed)*Oct 28, 2019Mon$34
19FFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 6, 2019Wed$155
19FFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 8, 2019Fri$155
19FLW912Spanish ISep 17, 2019Tue$156
19FFH710Tai Chi For Life - Location Change(Closed)*Sep 18, 2019Wed$102
19FCU502Taste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleSep 22, 2019Sun$45
19FCU503Taste and See Tour of Phoenixville(Closed)*Oct 13, 2019Sun$45
19FCU504Taste and See Tour of Phoenixville(Closed)*Oct 20, 2019Sun$45
19FCU505Taste and See Tour of Phoenixville(Closed)*Nov 10, 2019Sun$45
19FCR418The Art of the Pen: CalligraphySep 17, 2019Tue$124
19FAM139The Artist's Way- Session 1(Closed)*Sep 19, 2019Thu$119
19FBU006Time Banking For EveryoneOct 24, 2019Thu$0
20WCU564Vegan Indian Instant Pot-Kidney Bean ChiliDec 15, 2019Sun$50
19FAM107Whipcracking 101! - NEW!Oct 21, 2019Mon$49
19FCU593Wine Tasting and Tour Grace Winery - NEW!Oct 20, 2019Sun$49
19FFH706AYoga Flow (Intermediate to Advanced)Sep 16, 2019Mon$130
19FFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. Ramesh(Closed)*Sep 16, 2019Mon$56
19FFH705Yoga for Every Body (Beginners)Sep 17, 2019Tue$130

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