Chester County Night School

Cardio and Toning

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
20WFH767BAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingJan 21, 2020Tue$69
20SFH767AAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingApr 14, 2020Tue$69
20SFH767Adult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingMay 7, 2020Thu$69
20WFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingJan 12, 2020Sun$75
20WFH799AAqua AerobicsJan 6, 2020Mononday$55
20WFH799CAqua AerobicsJan 7, 2020Tueesday$55
20WFH799BAqua AerobicsJan 8, 2020Wedednesday$55
20WFH799DAqua AerobicsJan 9, 2020Thuursday$55
20WFH796AAqua Power CircuitJan 6, 2020Mononday$75
20WFH796BAqua Power CircuitJan 9, 2020Thuursday$75
20WFH792Aqua SpinJan 6, 2020Mononday$75
20WFH792AAqua SpinJan 7, 2020Tueesday$75
20WFH792BAqua SpinJan 7, 2020Tueesday$75
20WFH792CAqua SpinJan 9, 2020Thuursday$75
20SFH751BBarre Fusion at Penn OaksMar 19, 2020Thu$99
20WFH795Beginner KettlebellsJan 7, 2020Tueesday$75
20WFH794KettlebellsJan 8, 2020Wedednesday$75
20WFH727Pilates FusionJan 14, 2020Tue$76
20SFH727Pilates FusionMar 17, 2020Tue$86

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