Chester County Night School

Kids' Summer Camp Enrichment (CHECK)

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FCHECK107Clay Pottery(Closed)*Oct 15, 2019Tue$65
19FCHECK102Cool Art Studio!Nov 6, 2019Wed$108
19FCHECK110Holiday Studio(Closed)*Nov 21, 2019Tue$60
19FCHECK110AHoliday Studio TwoDec 2, 2019Mon$60
19FCHECK105Magical Mystical Things(Closed)*Sep 26, 2019TH$60
19FCHECK104Robots and AliensSep 24, 2019Tue$60
19FCHECK109STEAM Design StudioNov 19, 2019Tue$60
19FCHECK101Silly, Spooky Fall Art!Sep 25, 2019Wed$90
19FCHECK108Spooky Things Studio(Closed)*Oct 17, 2019TH$60

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