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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18SCR415Alex & Ani Style BangleMar 20, 2018Tue$21
18SCR415AAlex & Ani Style BangleApr 25, 2018Wed$21
18SCR015FAn Intro to Birding Photography- Date Change!May 3, 2018TH$119
18SCR490Art of BeekeepingApr 28, 2018Sat$42
18SCR490AArt of BeekeepingJun 9, 2018Sat$42
18SCR414Beginner Beaded BraceletApr 16, 2018Mon$21
18SCR414BBeginner Beaded BraceletApr 17, 2018Tue$21
18SCR414ABeginner Beaded BraceletMay 9, 2018Wed$21
18SCR002Beginning Crochet(Closed)*Apr 2, 2018Mon$87
18SCR410Better Images with Your Digital Camera (DSLR)Mar 20, 2018Tue$135
18SCR492ABlacksmithing for Beginners(Closed)*May 26, 2018Sat$89
18SCR457Build a Jewelry BoxMar 22, 2018Thu$99
18SHG828Captivating Container Gardens(Closed)*Apr 5, 2018Thu$29
18SCR486ACar Repair for WomenMar 19, 2018Mon$59
18SCU017Cheese Making for Beginners(Closed)*May 3, 2018Thu$64
18SAM041Clay and Chardonnay(Closed)*Mar 16, 2018Friri$50
18SAM042Clay and Chardonnay(Closed)*Apr 20, 2018Friri$50
18SAM043Clay and ChardonnayMay 4, 2018Friri$50
18SAM044Clay and ChardonnayMay 18, 2018Friri$50
18SAM041AClay and Chardonnay-just added!Mar 23, 2018Friri$50
18SHG892Create Your Perfect Patio Garden - NEW!Apr 25, 2018Wed$25
18SCR460Did You Say, "Shop Cabinet"?Mar 19, 2018Mon$150
18SCR488Discover The Birds of Chester CountyApr 24, 2018Tue$64
18SCR401Egg Shaped PaperweightsApr 1, 2018Sun$99
18SCR004Floral Arranging 101(Closed)*Apr 28, 2018Sat$97
18SHG826Fresh and Local-Grow Your Own Organic Fruits and VegetablesApr 9, 2018Mon$59
18SCR402Glassblowing Drinking GlassesApr 15, 2018Sun$99
18SCR404Glassblowing Mother's Day VasesMay 13, 2018Sun$90
18SCR400Glassblowing Spring Time VasesMar 18, 2018Sun$99
18SCR403Glassblowing Suncatcher OrnamentsApr 29, 2018Sun$99
18SCR010AGoat Milk Soap Making- JUST ADDED!Apr 18, 2018Wed$52
18SCR417CHandmade Earrings ClassMar 28, 2018Wed$42
18SCR417BHandmade Earrings ClassApr 3, 2018Tue$42
18SAM027Ink Pen & Ink Wash - NEW!Mar 22, 2018TH$45
18SSP1305Intro to Trap Shooting(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$49
18SPI1012Introduction To Botanical Energetics and Flower Essences- new start date!Apr 26, 2018Thu$22
18SSP1305BIntroduction to Trap ShootingMay 8, 2018Tue$49
18SCR070Joy of Digital Photography, Advanced Intermediate(Closed)*Apr 10, 2018Tue$120
18SCR068Joy of Photography, Beginners(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$90
18SHG803Kitchen Design SeminarApr 14, 2018Sat$55
18SAM038Learn to Paint! - NEW(Closed)*Apr 4, 2018Wed$85
18SCR416Make Your Own Prayer BeadsMar 21, 2018Wed$21
18SCR417Memory Wire BraceletMar 27, 2018Tue$17
18SCR417AMemory Wire BraceletApr 9, 2018Mon$17
18SCR474Needle Felting(Closed)*Mar 19, 2018Mon$49
18SAM015Paint and Pin(o)t- Monet Edition(Closed)*Mar 16, 2018Fri$45
18SCR014BPhotography Boot Camp 1(Closed)*Mar 19, 2018Mon and Wed$229
18MCR015Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/NatureJul 30, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR015APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/NatureJul 30, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR016Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/NatureAug 20, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR016APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/Nature-ADVANCEDAug 20, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR010Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/PortraitsJun 18, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR012APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/PortraitsJul 9, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR013Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/PortraitsJul 16, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR010APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/SportsJun 18, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR011APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/SportsJul 2, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR012Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/SportsJul 9, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR011Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Nature/LandscapesJul 2, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR017Photography Teen Travel CampJul 23, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu$719
18SCR473Pillows, Poufs, Dog Beds, and Pillow LoungersMar 19, 2018Mon$104
18SAM012APlay with Clay! - NEWMar 30, 2018Fri$90
18SAM012Play with Clay! - NEWApr 13, 2018Fri$90
18SAM013Play with Clay! - NEWMay 4, 2018Fri$90
18SAM002Pottery for Beginners(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$160
18SAM004Pottery for Beginners(Closed)*Mar 22, 2018Thu$160
18SAM003Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts Phoenixville(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$160
18STT1530Prohibition Mixology 101Apr 1, 2018Sun$49
18SHG891Pruning Fruit Trees - NEW!Mar 21, 2018Wed$35
18SCR418The Art of the Pen: Calligraphy-new start date!(Closed)*Mar 28, 2018Wed$99
18SCR015GWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series- AHOY Matey!Mar 31, 2018Satt$47
18SCR015IWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series- Amazing Beauty in Abandoned and Decaying!Apr 28, 2018Sat$64
18SCR015HWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series- Safari at Phila. ZooApr 14, 2018Sat$47
18SCR015KWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series- The People, Streets & Homes of New Hope VillageJun 2, 2018Sat$47
18SCR015LWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series-Shofuse Japanese House & Gardens, Fairmount ParkJun 9, 2018Sat$47
18SCR015CWOW! - Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyApr 5, 2018TH$99
18SCR015EWOW! - Stunning Black & White PhotographyApr 25, 2018Wed$179
18SCR015DWOW! - The Art of Seeing CreativelyApr 23, 2018Mon$149
18SCR015BWOW! - The Magnificent World of Macro PhotographyMar 20, 2018Tue$179
18SCR015AWOW!- Photography Boot Camp II Intermediate DSLRApr 9, 2018Mon & Wed$229
18SCR459Wood Turning with a Twist(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$150
18SCR493Woodturning: An Intro to the Lathe(Closed)*Mar 24, 2018Sat$62
18SCR455Woodworking Beginner/Intermediate: Adirondack ChairMar 20, 2018Tue$98
18SCR016Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomApr 17, 2018Tue and Thu$279

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