Chester County Night School

Outdoor Classes

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19MTT15222nd Friday Walking Tours of West Chester: North on New StreetJun 14, 2019Fri$29
19FSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkOct 12, 2019Sat$42
19FSP002ACoventry Woods HikeOct 26, 2019Sat$29
19SSP1386Evening Canoe Trip with DinnerJun 1, 2019Satt$70
19SSP1386AEvening Canoe Trip with DinnerJul 20, 2019Sat$70
19FSP1305Introduction to Trap ShootingSep 10, 2019Tue$54
19FSP1306AIntroduction to Trap ShootingOct 8, 2019Tue$54
19MTT1520Summer Evening Stroll in West ChesterJun 25, 2019Tue$20
19MTT1520CSummer Evening Stroll in MarshalltonAug 27, 2019Tuees 7$20
19MSP1331Tennis, Advanced BeginnerJun 17, 2019Mon and Wed$139
19FSP1331Tennis, Advanced BeginnerAug 27, 2019Tuees & Thuurs 6$139

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