Chester County Night School

Courses Taught by Maria Tesone

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FAM040Clay and ChardonnaySep 14, 2018Fri$50
18FAM040AClay and ChardonnayOct 5, 2018Fri$50
18FAM040BClay and ChardonnayNov 2, 2018Fri$50
18FAM040CClay and ChardonnayDec 7, 2018Fri$50
18FAM014BPaint and Pin(o)t- O'KeefeNov 2, 2018Fri$45
18FAM014CPaint and Pin(o)t- RothkoDec 7, 2018Fri$45
18FAM014Paint and Pin(o)t- Van GoghSep 14, 2018Fri$45
18FAM014APaint and Pin(o)t- WarholOct 5, 2018Fri$45

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