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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18SAM147Adult Beginner Group Piano LessonsMar 21, 2018Wed$129
18SAM148Adult Beginner Group Piano LessonsMar 22, 2018TH$129
18SPI1036Aging and Driving, What Seniors and their Adult Children Need to KnowMay 14, 2018Mon$19
18SCR015FAn Intro to Birding Photography- Date Change!May 3, 2018TH$119
18SCHECK110Architecture and Landscape DrawingApr 10, 2018Tue$65
18SFH020Body Sculpting with Weights and BandsMar 19, 2018Mon$69
18SCR486ACar Repair for WomenMar 19, 2018Mon$59
18SCU017Cheese Making for BeginnersMay 3, 2018Thu$64
18WCR490Choosing Your Backyard Fruit Trees and Berry Varieties - NEW!Feb 21, 2018Wed$35
18SFH0022Combat Fitness / Kickboxing- NEW!Mar 22, 2018Thu$70
18SFH733Drumming for Well Being and Stress ReleaseApr 26, 2018TH$64
18SSP1386Evening Canoe Trip with DinnerMay 19, 2018Satt$60
18SLW906Getting Started in Freelance WritingMar 19, 2018Mon$49
18SFH788Healthy Connections at Why Not FarmMar 6, 2018Tue$45
18SPI1001ID Your Life - NEW!Apr 17, 2018Tue$44
18WCR489Maple Sugaring - NEW!Jan 24, 2018Wed$39
18SCHECK106Monsters, Creatures, and Magical ThingsApr 9, 2018Mon$65
18SFH710ANEW! Fit MomMar 20, 2018Tue$80
18SFH707NEW! Shake Your Soul: Yoga with DanceApr 6, 2018Friri$15
18SAM014Paint and Pin(o)t- Picasso EditionFeb 16, 2018Fri$45
18SAM039Painting with Randall GrahamMar 1, 2018Thu$160
18SAM011Play with Clay! - NEWMar 9, 2018Fri$90
18SHG891Pruning Fruit Trees - NEW!Mar 21, 2018Wed$35
18SBU234Small Business SolutionsApr 5, 2018Thu$89
18SPI1009Understanding and Managing Your EmotionsApr 3, 2018Tue$29
18SCR015EWOW! - Stunning Black & White PhotographyApr 25, 2018Wed$179
18SCR015DWOW! - The Art of Seeing CreativelyApr 23, 2018Mon$149
18SCR015BWOW! - The Magnificent World of Macro PhotographyMar 20, 2018Tue$179

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