Chester County Night School

Aquapole Training

The ACQUAPOLE® fitness training benefits women and men of all ages and levels and is Lots of fun! A truly unique workout to reduce fat, strengthen trunk, arms and legs and improves flexibility, balance and coordination. Joanne Randell, owner of Aquatics Is, Inc. is a USA MASTER TRAINER FOR ACQUAPOLE®. This class includes ACQUAPOLES, boxing bags, steppers, and more for a total body challenge. All levels of skill, beginner to advanced are welcome! Aquatic shoes are required. Instructor: Joanne Randell, Master Trainer, Acquapole® Certified Instructors. Check for additional information.

Dates:February 27 - April 10, 2018   
Number of Sessions:6
Meets:Tu : 8:00 PM - 8:45 PM
Location:Ashbridge Manor
Instructor:Joanne Randell, BS

Notes:Aquatic shoes are required. Some support is recommended; light weight sneakers OK.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

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