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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
23WCR405WOW! Let's Get CreativeJan 8, 2023Sun$149
23WCR403WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsJan 7, 2023Sat$229
23WCR404WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsJan 9, 2023Mon$229
23WCR404AWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyFeb 6, 2023Mon$244
22FTT1580A Philly Pops Christmas!(Closed)*Dec 3, 2022Satt at 11$199
23WFH767AHA Heartsaver CPR CourseJan 25, 2023Wed$69
23WAM100Adult Group Piano - Level 2Jan 5, 2023Thu$195
23WAM101Adult Group Piano - Level 2Jan 5, 2023Thu$195
23WFH740CAkashic JourneyJan 18, 2023Wed$29
23WLW911American Sign Language Beginner 2Jan 4, 2023Wed$148
23WSP1384Americas Boating CourseJan 4, 2023Wed$40
23SSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick Park (lower lot)May 7, 2023Sat$50
23WFH781Beginner Barre and PilatesJan 11, 2023Wed$90
23WCU500Cheese Talk and TastingFeb 18, 2023Sat$65
22FLW924Conversational GermanSep 19, 2022Mon$105
23SSP002ACoventry Woods HikeMay 14, 2023Sat$29
23WCR410Creative Night Photography-NEW!Feb 7, 2023Tue$159
23WCR471Crochet, Beginning(Closed)*Jan 4, 2023Wed$84
22FCU518AFall Soups - Just added!Nov 10, 2022Thu$45
22FCU518Fall Soups- date change!Oct 27, 2022TH$45
22FCU517Fast, Fresh & Fabulous: New Fall RecipesOct 17, 2022Mon$45
23WBU222Financial Well-BeingJan 24, 2023Tue$52
23SBU223Financial Well-BeingMar 20, 2023Mon$52
23SBU224Financial Well-BeingApr 18, 2023Tue$52
22FCR004Floral Design 101- NEW!(Closed)*Sep 20, 2022Tue$109
23WCR417Freeze It! (High Speed Photography)Feb 18, 2023Sat$149
22FLW907French BeginnerSep 19, 2022Mon$137
23WLW907AFrench, Beginner 2- ONLINEJan 11, 2023Wed$116
22FLW907AFrench, Intermediate ConversationalSep 21, 2022Wed$137
23WAM173Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceJan 11, 2023Wed$52
22SGIFTSGift Certificates*ba 0, 0
22FTT1562Greystone Hall: End of Year Architectural House TourDec 30, 2022Fri$52
22FTT1562AGreystone Hall: End of Year Architectural House TourDec 30, 2022Fri$52
22FTT1561Greystone Hall: Holiday House Tour(Closed)*Dec 14, 2022Wed$42
22FTT1561AGreystone Hall: Holiday House Tour(Closed)*Dec 14, 2022Wed$42
22FBU232AHow to Buy a Home In Today's MarketSep 28, 2022Wed$42
22FAM194Improv Why Not?(Closed)*Sep 19, 2022Mon$126
23WAM194Improv Why Not?(Closed)*Jan 4, 2023Wed$89
23WDA604Intro to Ballroom and Latin DanceJan 10, 2023Tue$60
23WFH768Introduction to AikidoJan 16, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23WFH769Introduction to AikidoMar 6, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23MFH768Introduction to AikidoMay 15, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23WFH710Introduction to T’ai Chi Ch’uanJan 2, 2023Mon$102
22FLW903Italian for TravelersSep 21, 2022Wed$137
23WLW903Italian for Travelers (Extension)Jan 4, 2023Wed$117
22FCU514AKnife SkillsOct 6, 2022Thu$70
22FCU514BKnife SkillsNov 3, 2022Thu$70
23WCU514CKnife SkillsJan 12, 2023Thu$70
22FCU514Knife Skills -date change from catalog!Sep 29, 2022Thu$70
22FCR009Knitting for All(Closed)*Sep 19, 2022Mon$154
22MCR474Learn Needle Felting! - SheepJul 10, 2022Sun$60
22FCR474Learn Needle Felting! - Sheep - New Date(Closed)*Oct 23, 2022Sunn$60
22FDA600Line Dancing Level 1(Closed)*Sep 20, 2022Tue$105
22FDA601Line Dancing Level 1(Closed)*Sep 21, 2022Wed$105
23WDA600Line Dancing Level 1Jan 3, 2023Tue$105
22FTT1594MJ The Musical on Broadway with Lunch!(Closed)*Nov 13, 2022Sun$295
23WBU202Medicare101- ONLINE!Jan 26, 2023Thu$36
23WBU202AMedicare101- ONLINE!Feb 6, 2023Mon$36
22MCU518AMission "Impossible" Menus - new date!Jun 7, 2022Tue$45
23WCR475Needle Felt A Gnome!Feb 19, 2023Sunn$65
23SCR474Needle Felt A SheepMar 5, 2023Sunn$65
22FCU519Oldies but GoodiesNov 7, 2022Mon$45
23WCU528One Pot Warmers(Closed)*Jan 19, 2023Thu$45
22FTT1581Penn's Peak - Beatlemania!Sep 27, 2022Tue$148
23WSC1212Presidential GreatnessJan 4, 2023Wed$139
22FFH729ASculpt and Tone with Mo!(Closed)*Sep 20, 2022Tue$98
22FBU232BSelling Your Home In Today's MarketOct 25, 2022Tue$36
23WBU232Selling Your Home In Today's Market - ONLINE!Feb 15, 2023Wed$36
23WCU529So, You Want a New Kitchen?Jan 21, 2023Sat$70
23WLW901Spanish 1 (Extension)Jan 4, 2023Wed$117
23WLW988Spanish For Professionals: Medical Spanish Extension Class- ONLINE!Jan 4, 2023Wed$149
22FLW988Spanish For Professionals: Medical Spanish- ONLINE! - new start dateSep 26, 2022Mon$149
22FCR406CSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyDec 14, 2022Wed$97
22FDA020Swing Dancing- new location!(Closed)*Sep 20, 2022Tue$89
22FCU515The Board Room: Charcuterie Amplified-(Closed)*Oct 11, 2022Tue$50
22FSP1373US Coast Guard Auxillary Boating Safety Education CertificateSep 21, 2022Wed$85
23SCR017WOW! - Street PhotographyMar 23, 2023TH 6$147
23WCR411WOW! -HDR PhotographyFeb 8, 2023Wed$149
22FCR014CWOW! Introduction To Flash PhotographySep 8, 2022Thu$194
23WCR408WOW! Photoshop for Photographers - IntermediateJan 19, 2023Thu$292
23WCR407WOW! The Magnificant World of Macro PhotographyJan 10, 2023Tue$199
22FCU511Weeknight WondersSep 15, 2022Thu$45
22FCU595Wines For Holiday Gifting and EntertainingDec 13, 2022Tue$39
23WCU596Wines of PortugalJan 10, 2023Tue$35
22MFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiMay 10, 2022Tue$112
22MFH769AWing Chun Tai ChiJul 12, 2022Tue$112
22FFH769Wing Chun Tai Chi(Closed)*Sep 20, 2022Tue$112
23SCU581Wok 'N Walk Tour of Chinatown - BACK BY DEMAND!Apr 1, 2023Sat$47
23WCU499Wok and Walk w/ Chef Poon - Chinese New Year !Jan 22, 2023Sun$57
23WCU499AWok and Walk w/ Chef Poon - Chinese New Year !Jan 29, 2023Sun$57
23WAM109World Class Painting and DrawingJan 4, 2023Wed$229
22FCR400Wow! Philly Christmas **New**Dec 12, 2022Mon$46
23WCR412Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - Adobe LightroomFeb 5, 2023Sun$292
22FFH700YogaSep 21, 2022Wed$98
23WDA601Yoga Dance - NEW!Jan 4, 2023Wed$105
23WFH784Yoga Stretch BeginnerJan 10, 2023Tue$90
23SHG824Your Best Flower/Vegetable Garden EverMar 29, 2023Wed$126

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Course NameTypeFee
Donation to Chester County Night SchoolDonation$5

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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