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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
22FCR405WOW! Out of this World! - Part 2: The Milky Way (Astro Photography Workshop Series)Aug 26, 2022Friri - Sunn$149
22FCR403AWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsSep 13, 2022Tue$229
22FCR403BWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsSep 13, 2022Tue$229
22FCR403CWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsOct 25, 2022Tue$229
22FCR403DWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsOct 25, 2022Tue$229
22FCR403EWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsNov 20, 2022Sun$229
22FCR403FWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsDec 1, 2022Thu$229
22FCR403GWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyNov 29, 2022Tue$244
22FBU2332022 Income & Estate Tax Survival WorkshopSep 20, 2022Tue$29
22FBU233A2022 Income & Estate Tax Survival WorkshopNov 7, 2022Mon$29
22FTT1580A Philly Pops Christmas!Dec 3, 2022Satt at 11$199
22FFH767AHA Heartsaver CPR CourseSep 28, 2022Wed$69
22FFH767AAHA Heartsaver CPR CourseOct 12, 2022Wed$69
22FFH767BAHA Heartsaver CPR CourseNov 9, 2022Wed$69
22FCR404BAbandoned Cresson Sanatorium and State Prison - NEW!!!Sep 10, 2022Satt.$159
22FAM101Acrylic Painting - Unleash Your Talent!Sep 21, 2022Wed$189
22FAM100BAdult Beginner Group PianoOct 6, 2022Thu$195
22FAM100Adult Beginner Group Piano- Time ChangeOct 6, 2022Thu$195
22FFH740CAkashic JourneySep 19, 2022Mon$29
22FCR22Alex & Ani Style Personalized Silver Charm Adjustable Bangle BraceletsNov 2, 2022Wed$30
22FCR422Alex & Ani Style Personalized Silver Charm Adjustable Bangle BraceletsNov 2, 2022Wed$30
22FSP1385All About SailingSep 20, 2022Tue$85
22FLW911American Sign Language Beginner 1Sep 19, 2022Mon$168
22FSP1384Americas Boating CourseSep 20, 2022Tue$39
22FSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkOct 29, 2022Sat$50
22FCR490AArt of BeekeepingOct 8, 2022Sat$52
22FBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessSep 27, 2022Tue$48
22FBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaOct 25, 2022Tue$48
22FHG833Backyard Chickens Egg ProductionSep 19, 2022Mon$39
22FFH781ABallet Barre/PilatesOct 26, 2022Wed$90
22FDA040Ballroom DancingSep 20, 2022Tue$89
22FSP1340Basketball for MenSep 21, 2022Wed$99
22FFH781Beginner Barre and PilatesSep 14, 2022Wed$90
22FFH719Beginner Tai Chi with Qigong- NEW LOCATION!Sep 22, 2022Thu$80
22FCU596Bubbles for EverydayAug 23, 2022Tue$39
22FSP1300Canasta for Beginners - ONLINE!Oct 10, 2022Mon$130
22FFH786Chair YogaSep 22, 2022Thu$90
22FCU500Cheese Talk and TastingSep 10, 2022Sat$65
22FCU501Cheese Talk and TastingSep 18, 2022Sun$65
22MCU500Cheesemaking and Ricotta TastingJul 17, 2022Sun$65
22FSC1217Chester County History - Part 1 Our BeginningsSep 19, 2022Mon$59
22FSP004Complete Long Game/WoodsOct 8, 2022Sat$46
22FLW924Conversational GermanSep 19, 2022Mon$105
22FCU548Cooking from Basque Country for CouplesNov 18, 2022Fri$148
22FDA030Country/Western Line DancingSep 20, 2022Tue$89
22FSP002ACoventry Woods HikeOct 22, 2022Sat$29
22FCU545Crazy For Caribbean for CouplesOct 28, 2022Fri$148
22FCU544Creole Creations for CouplesOct 14, 2022Fri$148
22FCR471Crochet, BeginningSep 19, 2022Mon$84
22FFH725Develop Your Intuition with Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)Sep 19, 2022Mon$112
22FCR460Did You Say, "Shop Cabinet"?Sep 20, 2022Tue$239
22FCR460ADid You Say, "Shop Cabinet"?Sep 20, 2022Tue$239
22FCU592Discovering The Wonderful Values of SpainOct 18, 2022Tue$39
22FAM142Don't Fret The Fretboard: Guitar for BeginnersSep 19, 2022Mon$115
22FAM122Doodling and DrawingOct 12, 2022Wed$69
22FBU047Elder Law: Protect Your AssetsSep 20, 2022Tue$52
22FTT1530Experience the Skycastle French Hounds -- NEW!Oct 9, 2022Sun$48
22FAM115Expressionism & AbstractionSep 15, 2022Thu$275
22FCU518Fall SoupsOct 24, 2022Mon$45
22FCU517Fast, Fresh & Fabulous: New Fall RecipesOct 17, 2022Mon$45
22FCR423Felted Jewelry WorkshopNov 17, 2022Thu$60
22FBU205Financial Finesse For WomenSep 21, 2022Wed$48
22FBU222Financial IQSep 20, 2022Tue$52
22FBU223Financial IQOct 3, 2022Monon$52
22FBU224Financial IQOct 6, 2022TH$52
22FCR004Floral Design 101- NEW!(Closed)*Sep 20, 2022Tue$109
22FCR410Freeze It! (High Speed Photography)Nov 7, 2022Mon$149
22FLW907French BeginnerSep 19, 2022Mon$137
22FLW907AFrench, Intermediate ConversationalSep 21, 2022Wed$137
22FCR420Gemstone EarringsSep 19, 2022Mon$30
22FHG808BGet SOLD on Home StagingSep 20, 2022Tue$36
22FHG808AGet SOLD on Home StagingSep 28, 2022Wed$36
22FLW998Get Started On Writing Your MemoirSep 22, 2022Thu$89
22FSP007Getting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf InstructionSep 27, 2022Tue$215
22FSP007BGetting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf InstructionSep 29, 2022Thu$215
22FAM173Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceOct 26, 2022Wed$52
22FSC1205Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of Southeastern PennsylvaniaSep 22, 2022Thu$29
22FSC1205AGhosts, Legends, and Lore of Southeastern PennsylvaniaOct 27, 2022Thu$29
22FSC1205BGhosts, Legends, and Lore of Southeastern PennsylvaniaNov 10, 2022Thu$29
22FSP007AGirls On The Green: Ladies' GolfSep 28, 2022Wed$215
22FCR401Glassblowing Pumpkin WorkshopOct 15, 2022Sat$105
22FAM114Gouache WorkshopSep 16, 2022Fri$160
22FTT1560Greystone Hall: Halloween House TourOct 26, 2022Wed$42
22FTT1560AGreystone Hall: Halloween House TourOct 26, 2022Wed$42
22FTT1562Greystone Hall: End of Year Architectural House TourDec 30, 2022Fri$52
22FTT1562AGreystone Hall: End of Year Architectural House TourDec 30, 2022Fri$52
22FTT1561Greystone Hall: Holiday House Tour(Closed)*Dec 14, 2022Wed$42
22FTT1561AGreystone Hall: Holiday House TourDec 14, 2022Wed$42
22FBU232AHow to Buy a Home In Today's MarketSep 28, 2022Wed$42
22FCO303IPhone EssentialsOct 12, 2022Wed$69
22FAM194Improv Why Not?Sep 19, 2022Mon$126
22FCR421AInfinity NecklaceOct 17, 2022Mon$30
22FAM113Intro To Watercolor PrimerOct 18, 2022Tue$160
22FDA603Intro to Ballroom and Latin Dance - Session ASep 13, 2022Tue$120
22FFH768Introduction to AikidoSep 12, 2022Mon and Wed$59
22FFH768AIntroduction to AikidoOct 24, 2022Mon and Wed$59
22FSP1307Introduction to Fly TyingSep 24, 2022Satt 10$29
22FFH710Introduction to T’ai Chi Ch’uanSep 19, 2022Mon$102
22FLW903Italian for TravelersSep 21, 2022Wed$137
22FLW999Journal On Your JourneySep 21, 2022Wed$89
22FCU514Knife SkillsSep 22, 2022Thu$70
22FCU514AKnife SkillsOct 6, 2022Thu$70
22FCU514BKnife SkillsNov 3, 2022Thu$70
22FCU514CKnife SkillsJan 12, 2023Thu$70
22FCR009Knitting for AllSep 19, 2022Mon$154
22MCR474Learn Needle Felting! - SheepJul 10, 2022Sun$60
22FCR474Learn Needle Felting! - Sheep - New DateOct 23, 2022Monon$60
22FCU549Lemons and Capers for CouplesDec 16, 2022Fri$148
22FDA600Line Dancing Level 1Sep 20, 2022Tue$105
22FDA601Line Dancing Level 1Sep 21, 2022Wed$105
22FCR404ALonaconing Silk Mill (Klotz Throwing Company) ***NEW***Sep 17, 2022Satt.$179
22FTT1594MJ The Musical on Broadway with Lunch!Nov 13, 2022Sun$295
22FCR001BMake Your Beaded SuncatcherSep 22, 2022Thu$34
22FCR001CMake Your Beaded SuncatcherOct 17, 2022Mon$34
22FCR001Make Your Own Fused Glass SuncatcherSep 19, 2022Mon$48
22FCR001AMake Your Own Fused Glass SuncatcherOct 20, 2022Thu$48
22FCR413Making Friends with Your CameraSep 20, 2022Tue$96
22FLW931Mandarin Chinese for BeginnersSep 19, 2022Mon$149
22FSP1382Marine NavigationSep 20, 2022Tue$39
22FBU202AMedicare101Sep 19, 2022Mon$36
22FBU202BMedicare101Sep 28, 2022Wed$36
22FBU203AMedicare101Oct 25, 2022Tue$36
22FCR419Memory Wire BraceletsOct 3, 2022Mon$30
22MCU518AMission "Impossible" Menus - new date!Jun 7, 2022Tue$45
22FAM112Mix It Up! Print, Paint and CollageNov 1, 2022Tue$160
22FTT1595Moulin Rouge The Musical - NEW!Oct 26, 2022Wed$291
22FCU590New Zealand & Australian GemsSep 13, 2022Tue$39
22FCU519Oldies but GoodiesNov 7, 2022Mon$45
22FCU528One Pot WarmersJan 19, 2023Thu$45
22FCO300Organize Your Digital Photo Collection Series - NEW!Oct 6, 2022TH$169
22FSC1206AOwl EncountersNov 7, 2022Mon$29
22FTT1581Penn's Peak - Beatlemania!Sep 27, 2022Tue$148
22FCR417Perfect Portrait Photography **New**Oct 6, 2022Thu$169
22FCU540Persian Plates for CouplesSep 9, 2022Fri$148
22FSP1335Pickleball Beginner: NEW!(Closed)*Sep 12, 2022Mon$76
22FSP1336Pickleball Beginner: NEW!(Closed)*Sep 26, 2022Mon$76
22FSP1337Pickleball Beginner: NEW!(Closed)*Oct 10, 2022Mon$76
22FSP1334Pickleball Beginner: NEW!(Closed)*Oct 21, 2022Fri$76
22FSP1338Pickleball Beginner: NEW!(Closed)*Nov 7, 2022Mon$76
22FSP1339Pickleball Beginner: NEW!(Closed)*Nov 28, 2022Mon$76
22FSP1331Pickleball, Beginner- NEW!(Closed)*Sep 9, 2022Fri$76
22FSP1332Pickleball, Beginner- NEW!(Closed)*Sep 23, 2022Fri$76
22FSP1333Pickleball, Beginner- NEW!(Closed)*Oct 7, 2022Fri$76
22FCU593Pinot Noir Around The WorldNov 8, 2022Tue$39
22FHG830Ready For Winter Gardening - NEW!Oct 3, 2022Mon$39
22FCR424Repairing and Repurposing Jewelry WorkshopOct 15, 2022Sat$60
22FSC1206Reptile EncountersSep 27, 2022Tue$29
22FFH729ASculpt and Tone with Mo!Sep 20, 2022Tue$98
22SBU232Selling Your Home In Today's MarketApr 4, 2022Mon$36
22FBU232Selling Your Home In Today's MarketSep 19, 2022Mon$36
22FBU232BSelling Your Home In Today's MarketOct 25, 2022Tue$36
22FSP005Short Game Clinic - Co-EdOct 22, 2022Sat$46
22FCU529So, You Want a New Kitchen?Jan 21, 2023Sat$70
22FLW901Spanish 1Sep 21, 2022Wed$137
22FLW988Spanish For Professionals: Medical SpanishSep 19, 2022Mon$149
22FCR406Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographySep 19, 2022Mon$97
22FCR406ASpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyOct 11, 2022Tuee$97
22FCR406BSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyOct 11, 2022Tue$97
22FCR406CSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyDec 14, 2022Wed$97
22FDA020Swing DancingSep 20, 2022Tue$89
22FCU547Tasty Tapas for CouplesNov 11, 2022Fri$148
22FSP1329Tennis, BeginnerSep 10, 2022Sat$86
22FCU534Thai One On For CouplesSep 2, 2022Fri$148
22FCR430The Art of the Pen: CalligraphySep 19, 2022Mon$136
22FCU515The Board Room: Charcuterie AmplifiedOct 13, 2022Thu$50
22FSC1212The Civil WarSep 21, 2022Wed$139
22FCU539The Rajun Cajun for CouplesSep 16, 2022Fri$148
22FSP1373US Coast Guard Auxillary Boating Safety Education CertificateSep 21, 2022Wed$85
22FCU540AUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Sep 23, 2022Friri$148
22FCU540BUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Oct 7, 2022Fri$148
22FCU540CUnder The Tuscan Sun for CouplesOct 21, 2022Fri$148
22FCU540DUnder The Tuscan Sun for CouplesNov 4, 2022Friri$148
22FFH712Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification - ONLINESep 29, 2022Thu$99
22FCR402WOW! Fantastic Fire-Spinning and More Surprises! **New Effects**Oct 1, 2022Sat$74
22FCR400AWOW! Philadelphia City Skyline Night Shoot!Nov 5, 2022Sat$37
22FCR016BWOW! - Lightroom ll - The Art of EditingOct 26, 2022Wed$292
22FCR409WOW! - The Art of Pet PhotographyOct 15, 2022Sat$74
22FCR014CWOW! Introduction To Flash PhotographySep 8, 2022Thu$194
22FCR405BWOW! Out Of This World - Part 3: Stunning Star Trails - (Astro Photography) **New**Sep 23, 2022Fri$149
22FCR407WOW! The Magnificant World of Macro PhotographyOct 27, 2022Thu$199
22FCR412WOW!-Beautiful Bald Eagles of Conowingo!Nov 4, 2022Fri$47
22FCU511Weeknight WondersSep 15, 2022Thu$45
22FBU225EWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Sep 26, 2022Mon$10
22FBU225CWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Oct 11, 2022Tue$10
22FBU225BWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Oct 27, 2022Thu$10
22FBU225AWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Nov 2, 2022Wed$10
22FCU591Wines For Fall FareOct 4, 2022Tue$39
22FCU595Wines For Holiday Gifting and EntertainingDec 13, 2022Tue$39
22FCU594Wines of Chile & ArgentinaNov 29, 2022Tue$39
22MFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiMay 10, 2022Tue$112
22MFH769AWing Chun Tai ChiJul 12, 2022Tue$112
22FFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiSep 20, 2022Tue$112
22FHG831Wonderful Winter Birding at Your Backyard FeedersOct 10, 2022Mon$64
22FCR459Wood Turning with a TwistSep 19, 2022Mon$129
22FCR459AWood Turning with a TwistSep 19, 2022Mon$129
22FAM109World Class Painting and DrawingSep 20, 2022T$229
22FCU541Worldly Empanadas for CouplesSep 30, 2022Fri$148
22FCR400Wow! Philly Christmas **New**Dec 12, 2022Mon$46
22FCR408Wow! Sunset & Night Shooting at Havre de Grace MarinaOct 28, 2022Fri$28
22FCR415Wow! Christmas at Longwood GardensNov 28, 2022Mon$46
22FCR415AWow! Christmas at Longwood GardensDec 5, 2022Mon$46
22FCR016Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - Adobe LightroomSep 7, 2022Wed$292
22FCR016AWow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - Adobe Lightroom - NEW TIMES!Oct 29, 2022Sat$292
22FCR411Wow! Let's Get Creative! ***New***Sep 25, 2022Sun$169
22FCR418AWow! Light Painting & Sculpting in Photography **New**Oct 3, 2022Mon$179
22FCR414Wow! Waterfalls of Rickets Glen State ParkOct 8, 2022Sat$69
22FFH700YogaSep 21, 2022Wed$98
22FFH783Yoga Stretch BeginnerSep 13, 2022Tue$90
22FFH784Yoga Stretch BeginnerNov 1, 2022Tue$90
22FFH785Yoga Stretch BeginnerNov 3, 2022Thu$90
22FHG824Your Best Flower/Vegetable Garden EverSep 21, 2022Wed$126
22FHG829Your Ultimate Perennial GardenSep 19, 2022Mon$52

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