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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
24WCR407WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsJan 6, 2024Sat$229
24WCR408WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsJan 8, 2024Mon$229
24WCR409WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsJan 8, 2024Mon$229
24WCR410WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsFeb 7, 2024Wed$229
24WCR411WOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsFeb 7, 2024Wed$229
24WTT1590A'int Too Proud: Life and Times of the TemptationsJan 17, 2024Wed$305
24WFH767AHA Heartsaver CPR CourseJan 17, 2024Wed$69
24WAM100DAdult Level 2 Group Piano(Closed)*Jan 4, 2024Thu$195
24WAM100EAdult Level 2 Group PianoJan 4, 2024Thu$195
24WFH740CAkashic JourneyJan 10, 2024Wed$29
24WCR422Alex & Ani Style Personalized Silver Charm Adjustable Bangle BraceletsFeb 7, 2024Wed$30
24WSC1206Amazing Owls!Jan 10, 2024Wed$24
24WLW911American Sign Language Beginner 2Jan 3, 2024Wed$148
24WBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessJan 31, 2024Weded$29
24WBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaFeb 28, 2024Weded$48
24WDA605Ballroom and Latin Dance For BeginnersJan 16, 2024Tue$120
24WDA604Ballroom and Latin Dance For Beginners - FREE OPEN HOUSEJan 9, 2024Tue$0
24WFH782Beginner Barre and PilatesJan 3, 2024Wed$90
24WFH783Beginner Barre and PilatesFeb 14, 2024Wed$90
24SFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongMar 14, 2024Thu$92
24WTT1591Buddy Holly 50's Dance Party American Music Theatre with LunchFeb 18, 2024Sun$155
24STT1598Cape May Trolly and Wine TourMay 14, 2024Tue$302
24WCU520Cast Iron CookingJan 9, 2024Tuee$45
24WCU518Classic & Contemporary SaucesJan 23, 2024Tuee$50
24WCU503Comforting Asian Soups - NEW!Jan 20, 2024Sat$73
24WCR471Crochet, BeginningJan 6, 2024Sat$84
24WAM113Doodling & DrawingJan 10, 2024Wed$69
24WLW907French Beginner llJan 3, 2024Wed$118
24WAM174Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice- ONLINE!Jan 11, 2024Thu$42
23FGIFTSGift Certificates*ba 0, 0
24WCU514Hands-On Knife SkillsJan 11, 2024Thu$70
24WCU517Hands-on DumplingsJan 18, 2024Thu$70
24WCU504Heart Healthy Meals - NEW!Feb 1, 2024Thu$73
24WBU232AHow to Buy a Home In Today's Competitive MarketJan 24, 2024Wed$36
24STT1601Hudson River Valley Pumpkin Blaze/Wineries Getaway!Oct 6, 2024Date and time to be determined!$0
24WAM143Intermediate GuitarJan 3, 2024Wed$115
24WCR414Intro To Product PhotographyJan 11, 2024Thu$144
24WFH768Introduction to AikidoFeb 5, 2024Mon and Wed$59
24WHG803Kitchen Design SeminarJan 20, 2024Sat$70
24WDA600Line Dancing Level 1Jan 3, 2024Wed$105
24WCR417Master the Art of Capturing & Enhancing High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images!Feb 8, 2024Thu$139
24WCR420Meet Metal ClayJan 10, 2024Wed$59
24WCU501Mexican Kitchen -- NEW!Jan 6, 2024Sat$73
23FCU556Middle Eastern Delights - NEW!Dec 9, 2023Sat$64
24STT1597NYC - The Notebook with DinnerApr 13, 2024Satt$0
24STT1594NYC CHICAGO and Carmine's for LunchMar 20, 2024Wed$0
24WCR474Needle Felt A SheepFeb 24, 2024Satt$65
24SCR476Needle Felting A SongbirdMar 2, 2024Sat$65
24STT1600Ocean City Pops Concert with DinnerJul 15, 2024Date and time to be determined!$0
24WCR415Photoshop for Photographers!Jan 16, 2024Tuees$292
23FSP1331FPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Dec 4, 2023Mon$76
24WSP1331Pickleball, BeginnerJan 8, 2024Mon$76
24WSP1331APickleball, BeginnerJan 22, 2024Mon$76
24WSP1331BPickleball, BeginnerFeb 5, 2024Mon$76
24WSP1331CPickleball, BeginnerFeb 19, 2024Mon$76
24WSP1331DPickleball, BeginnerMar 4, 2024Mon$76
23FTT1599Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show with Dinner(Closed)*Dec 4, 2023Mon$299
24WFH729ASculpt and Tone with Mo!Jan 2, 2024Tue$98
24WLW902Spanish Level 2 - NEW!Jan 3, 2024Wed$99
24WCR412Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyJan 10, 2024Wed$99
24WCR413Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyJan 10, 2024Wed$99
24STT1599St. Michael's River Cruise and LunchJun 4, 2024Tue$0
24WCU502Szechuan Kitchen - NEW!Jan 11, 2024Thu$73
23FCU589Tour of Reading Terminal MarketDec 16, 2023Satt$35
24WCR418WOW! - All Aboard!Feb 11, 2024Sunn$29
24WCR419WOW! Introduction To Flash PhotographyFeb 19, 2024Mon$194
24WCU505Warming Mexican Soups - NEW!Jan 17, 2024Wed$73
24WAM105Welding Art 101(Closed)*Jan 6, 2024Sat$350
24WAM105AWelding Art 101- Just added!(Closed)*Feb 3, 2024Sat$350
24WAM105BWelding Art 101- Just added!(Closed)*Mar 2, 2024Sat$350
23FCU595Wines for Entertaining and Gift Giving for the HolidaysDec 12, 2023Tue$39
23FTT1565Winterthur Yuletide Tour(Closed)*Dec 12, 2023Tue$45
24WCU506Wonderful Winter Vegetables - NEW!Jan 27, 2024Sat$73
24WCR416Wow! Let's Get Creative!Jan 21, 2024Sunn$149
24WFH786Yoga Stretch BeginnerJan 4, 2024Thu$90
24WFH787Yoga Stretch BeginnerFeb 15, 2024Thu$90

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Course NameTypeFee
Donation to Chester County Night SchoolDonation$5

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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