Chester County Night School

Art Music and Theater

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18WCHECK9013D Forms!Jan 10, 2018Wed$80
18SAM147Adult Beginner Group Piano LessonsMar 21, 2018Wed$129
18SAM148Adult Beginner Group Piano LessonsMar 22, 2018TH$129
18WAM022ABeginner/Continuing Oil PaintingJan 16, 2018Tue$155
18WCR406Better Images with Your Digital Camera (DSLR)Jan 2, 2018Tue$124
18WCHECK107Clay Foods and Deserts!Jan 23, 2018Tue$85
17FAM042Clay and ChardonnayDec 15, 2017Fri$50
18WCR014Creative Flash PhotographyJan 2, 2018Tue$249
18WAM048Drawing WorkshopJan 17, 2018Wed$90
18WAM027Felted Home DecorFeb 24, 2018Sat$65
17WCR404Glassblowing Decorative Ornaments- Just added!Dec 17, 2017Sun$99
18WCR400Glassblowing Drinking GlassesFeb 11, 2018Sun$99
18WCR402Glassblowing Heart Shaped PaperweightsFeb 4, 2018Sun$99
18WCR401Glassblowing PaperweightsJan 21, 2018Sun$99
18WCR403Glassblowing VasesJan 7, 2018Sun$99
18WAM031Gouache WorkshopJan 20, 2018Sat$95
18WAM118Intermediate Landscape WatercolorJan 2, 2018Tue$142
18WAM020BIntro Jewelry for TeensJan 11, 2018Thu$125
18WAM130Introduction to Studio RecordingJan 15, 2018Mon$259
18SAM130Introduction to Studio RecordingMar 19, 2018Mon$259
18WAM020Jewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOBJan 19, 2018Fri$65
18WAM020AJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOBFeb 16, 2018Fri$65
18WAM028Metal JewelryJan 11, 2018Thu$125
18WAM033Nuno Felted Silk ScarvesJan 20, 2018Sat$65
18WAM033ANuno Felted Silk ScarvesFeb 17, 2018Sat$65
18WAM028APMC JewelryFeb 17, 2018Satt$100
18WAM029Quick Pastels WorkshopJan 15, 2018Mon$85
18WAM131Voice Overs in the StudioJan 16, 2018T$235
18SAM131Voice Overs in the StudioMar 20, 2018T$235
18WCR014AWOW! Photography Boot Camp I- Just Added!Jan 20, 2018Sat$229
18WCHECK110Winter Drawing and PaintingFeb 7, 2018Wed$80

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