Chester County Night School

Art and Art Appreciation

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FAM119Botanical Illustration with Watercolor, IntroductionSep 18, 2018Tue$149
18FAM121AConceptual ArtSep 17, 2018Mon$149
18FAM030Drawing SkillsSep 20, 2018Thu$180
18FAM049Drawing and DraftsSep 14, 2018Fri$45
18FAM049ADrawing and DraftsOct 5, 2018Fri$45
18FAM049BDrawing and DraftsNov 2, 2018Fri$45
18FAM049CDrawing and DraftsDec 7, 2018Fri$45
18FAM125Drawing and Watercolor BasicsSep 18, 2018Tue$186
18FAM125ADrawing for People Who Can't Draw A Straight LineSep 17, 2018Mon$186
18FAM003Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts Phoenixville(Closed)*Sep 18, 2018Tue$160
18FAM004Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts Phoenixville(Closed)*Sep 18, 2018Tue$162
18FAM005Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts PhoenixvilleSep 20, 2018Thu$160
18FAM121World Class Painting and DrawingSep 18, 2018Tue$164

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