Chester County Night School

Photography and Photo Editing

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19WCR410Better Images with Your Digital Camera (DSLR)Jan 8, 2019Tue$129
19WCO376Photoshop CC Level 1 at SpringhouseFeb 19, 2019Thu and Fri$415
19WCO377Photoshop CC Level 2 at SpringhouseDec 20, 2019Mon and Tue$415
18FCO357APhotoshop CC Level 2 at Springhouse- NEW Start date!Oct 25, 2018Thu and Fri$450
19WCO377APhotoshop Elements at SpringhouseMar 13, 2019Wed$210
19WCO376APhotoshop Lightroom at SpringhouseJan 3, 2019Mon and Tue$415
18FCR021WOW! - A Cape May Christmas *NEW*Dec 13, 2018Thu$47
18FCR018WOW! - Christmas at Longwood GardensNov 26, 2018Mon$47
18FCR018AWOW! - Christmas at Longwood GardensDec 11, 2018Tue$47
18FCR024WOW! - Creative Night Photography!Oct 16, 2018Tue$229
18FCR023WOW! - Photo Scavenger Hunt! *NEW*Oct 22, 2018Mon$179
19WCR015BWOW! - The Magnificent World of Macro PhotographyJan 8, 2019Tue$219
19WCR016WOW! -HDR PhotographyJan 7, 2019Monondays 6$179
19WCR014AWOW! Photography Boot Camp IJan 12, 2019Sat$229
18FCR016Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomOct 27, 2018Satt$279

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