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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
23SCU511All Star Chicken(Closed)*Mar 7, 2023Tuee$45
23SCU514BAmazing AppetizersMar 28, 2023Tuee$45
23SSC1201Astronomy, A Beginners Guide(Closed)*Mar 20, 2023Mon$59
23SDA605Cardio Fitness Dance and Party Dance - Unlimited Monthly AttendanceMay 2, 2023Tue, Wed and Thu$99
23FTT1530Experience the Skycastle French Hounds -- NEW!Oct 22, 2023Sun$48
23SCU517Fast, Fresh & Flavorful- date change!May 23, 2023Tue$45
23SCU515Hands On! - Elevate Your Charcuterie Skills!Apr 18, 2023Tue$70
23SCU514AHands-On Dumplings & Dips(Closed)*Mar 23, 2023Thu$70
23SCU514Hands-On Knife SkillsMar 9, 2023Thu$70
23SCU520Hands-On Knife SkillsApr 20, 2023Thu$70
23SCU521Hands-On Knife SkillsMay 11, 2023Thu$70
23FCU501Italian Kitchen - NEW!Sep 21, 2023Tuee$75
23SCU518NEW! Hands-On: Terrific TapasMay 18, 2023Thuu$70
23SCU529NEW! Paella PerfectionJun 6, 2023Tue$50
23SCU526NEW! The Simple ItalianApr 27, 2023Thuu$45
23SCU530NEW! Very VegetarianJun 8, 2023Thuu$45
23WCR475Needle Felt A Gnome!Feb 19, 2023Sunn$65
23SCR475Needle Felt A PenguinApr 2, 2023Sunn$65
23SCR474Needle Felt A Sheep(Closed)*Mar 5, 2023Sunn$65
23SCR474ANeedle Felt A Sheep- Just added!Apr 30, 2023Sun$65
23SBU232Selling Your Home In Today's Market - ONLINE!Feb 15, 2023Wed$36
23SLW988Spanish For Professionals: Medical Spanish- ONLINE!Mar 21, 2023Tue$99
23MLW987Spanish Level 2 - ONLINE!Jul 25, 2023Tue$120
23SCU528Spring Soups & SaladsApr 11, 2023Tue$45
23SCR003AWool Processing: From Sheep to Project - Just Added!Mar 12, 2023Sun$75
23SCR003Wool Processing: From Sheep to Project - NEW!(Closed)*Mar 11, 2023Sat$75

Click the course Title link for more information.

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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