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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
23SSP1384Americas Boating CourseMar 21, 2023Tue$40
23SSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick Park (lower lot)May 7, 2023Sun$50
23SSP1341Basketball for MenMar 29, 2023Wed$99
23SSP004Complete Long Game/WoodsMay 20, 2023Sat$46
23SSP002ACoventry Woods HikeMay 14, 2023Sat$29
23SSP1385Cruising Boat Ownership - (formerly All About Sailing)Mar 21, 2023Tue$85
23SSP1307Fly-Fishing 101Mar 29, 2023Wed$97
23SSP1383GPS, AIS, and RADARMar 20, 2023Mon$40
23SSP007BGetting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf Instruction(Closed)*May 11, 2023Thu$215
23SSP007Getting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf InstructionMay 16, 2023Tue$215
23SSP007AGirls On The Green: Ladies' Golf(Closed)*May 10, 2023Wed$215
23SSP1382Marine Electrical SystemsMar 29, 2023Wed$40
23SSP1382AMarine NavigationMar 21, 2023Tue$40
23SSP1335Pickleball Beginner(Closed)*May 4, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1336Pickleball IntermediateJun 15, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1339Pickleball IntermediateJun 22, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1340Pickleball IntermediateJun 29, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1331Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Mar 6, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331APickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Mar 20, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331BPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 3, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1332Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 13, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1331CPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 17, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1333Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 20, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1334Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 27, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1331DPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*May 1, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331EPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*May 15, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331FPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Jun 5, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331GPickleball, Beginner - JUST ADDED!Jun 19, 2023Mon$76
23SSP005Short Game Clinic - Co-EdJun 10, 2023Sat$46
23SSP1329Tennis, BeginnerApr 15, 2023Sat$86
23SSP1373US Coast Guard Auxillary Boating Safety Education CertificateMar 29, 2023Wed$80

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