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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
23SCR403EWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsApr 20, 2023Thu$229
23SCR403FWOW! Photography Boot Camp I: Camera/Exposure BasicsApr 20, 2023Thu$229
23WCR404AWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyFeb 6, 2023Mon$244
23SCR403GWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyApr 24, 2023Mon$244
23SCR403HWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyApr 24, 2023Mon$244
23SBU0412023 Income & Estate Tax Survival WorkshopMar 28, 2023Tue$29
23SBU0422023 Income & Estate Tax Survival WorkshopMay 3, 2023Wed$29
23SCR486ABC's of Car CareMar 12, 2023Sun$49
23SFH767AHA Heartsaver CPR Course(Closed)*Apr 12, 2023Wed$69
23SFH767AAHA Heartsaver CPR Course(Closed)*May 10, 2023Wed$69
23SAM101Acrylic Painting - Unleash Your Talent!Mar 29, 2023Wed$189
23SAM100Adult Beginner Group Piano(Closed)*Apr 13, 2023Thu$195
23SAM100BAdult Group Piano-The Next LevelApr 13, 2023Thu$195
23SFH740CAkashic JourneyMar 29, 2023Wed$29
23SAM118All Levels Watercolor(Closed)*Mar 14, 2023Tue$240
23SCU511All Star ChickenMar 7, 2023Tuee$45
23SCH123Amazing Adventure Travel Camp for Middle SchoolersJul 17, 2023Mon - TH Times vary each day$495
23SCU514BAmazing AppetizersMar 28, 2023Tuee$45
23SCR409Amazing Beauty in the Abandoned and Decaying Lukens SteelJun 10, 2023Sat$98
23SLW911American Sign Language Beginner 1Mar 29, 2023Wed$168
23SLW912American Sign Language Level 3Mar 20, 2023Mon$168
23SSP1384Americas Boating CourseMar 21, 2023Tue$40
23SCU590An Introduction to WineMar 28, 2023Tue$39
23STT1580Annapolis - Naval Academy, Cruise, LunchMay 16, 2023Tue$0
23SSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick Park (lower lot)May 7, 2023Sun$50
23SCO302Apple Personal Computer Basics!Mar 23, 2023Thu$39
23SAM115Art HistoryFeb 4, 2023Sat$120
23SBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessApr 25, 2023Tue$48
23SBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaMar 28, 2023Tue$48
23SSC1201Astronomy, A Beginners GuideMar 20, 2023Mon$59
23SFH739Awakening Your ChakrasMar 21, 2023Tuees$29
23SHG833Backyard Chickens Egg ProductionMar 29, 2023Wed$39
23SDA040Ballroom DancingMar 21, 2023Tue$89
23SHG834Basic Info For The Homeowner New!Mar 29, 2023Wed$49
23SPT1181Basic Lifeskills for Dogs!- ONLINE!Mar 1, 2023Wed$240
23SPT1181ABasic Lifeskills for Dogs!- ONLINE!Mar 2, 2023TH$240
23SSP1341Basketball for MenMar 29, 2023Wed$99
23SCR419Beaded BraceletMar 28, 2023Tuees$30
23SCR419ABeaded BraceletMay 10, 2023Wed$30
23SCR420ABeaded EarringsApr 26, 2023Wed$30
23SCR420Beaded EarrngsMar 21, 2023Tuees$30
23SCR014EBeautiful Boathouse Row & Water Works at NightMay 7, 2023Sun$44
23SFH781Beginner Barre and PilatesMar 22, 2023Wed$90
23SFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongMar 23, 2023Thu$92
23SCR457Build a Handcrafted Jewelry BoxApr 11, 2023Tue, Wed and Thu$149
23STT1595CAMELOT Lincoln Center NYC w/ dinnerApr 12, 2023Wed$335
23WCU500Cheese Talk and TastingFeb 18, 2023Sat$65
23SCU500Cheese Talk and TastingMar 19, 2023Sun$65
23SCU503Cheese Talk. Tasting and Ricotta MakingMay 28, 2023Sun$70
23SCU503ACheese Talk. Tasting and Ricotta MakingJun 17, 2023Sat$70
23SSP004Complete Long Game/WoodsMay 20, 2023Sat$46
23SLW924Conversational GermanMar 20, 2023Mon$105
23SCU548Cooking with Brewski!Apr 7, 2023Fri$148
23SDA030Country/Western Line DancingMar 21, 2023Tue$89
23SSP002ACoventry Woods HikeMay 14, 2023Sat$29
23SCU541Crazy for Chinese for Couples(Closed)*Mar 10, 2023Fri$148
23SCU556Crazy for Chinese for CouplesJun 2, 2023Fri$148
23WCR410Creative Night Photography-NEW!Feb 7, 2023Tue$159
23SCR471Crochet, Beginning(Closed)*Mar 20, 2023Mon$84
23SSP1385Cruising Boat Ownership - (formerly All About Sailing)Mar 21, 2023Tue$85
23SCU552Cuban with Some Miami SpiceMay 5, 2023Fri$148
23SCU589Decadent Gourmet Food TourApr 2, 2023Sun$62
23SCR460Did You Say, "Shop Cabinet"?Mar 14, 2023Tue, Wed, Thu$239
23SHG831Discover the Birds of Chester CountyMar 29, 2023Wed$64
23SAM142Don't Fret The Fretboard: Guitar for BeginnersMar 20, 2023Mon$115
23SAM116Drawing: All LevelsMar 30, 2023Thu$300
23SCU551Eastern European Delights!Apr 28, 2023Fri$148
23SHG828Edible or Ornamental? Create Captivating Containers for Inside and Out!Apr 24, 2023Mon$64
23SBU047Elder Law: How to Plan for the cost of Nursing Home CareApr 11, 2023Tue$52
23STT1530Experience the Skycastle French HoundsMar 19, 2023Sun$48
23SCU517Fast, Fresh & FlavorfulMay 16, 2023Tue$45
23SAM114Figure DrawingApr 4, 2023Tue$200
23SBU223Financial Well-BeingMar 20, 2023Mon$52
23SBU224Financial Well-BeingApr 18, 2023Tue$52
23SCR411Fire Spinning IIJun 24, 2023Satt$199
23SCU582Flavors of Philly- City Food Walking TourMar 31, 2023Fri$62
23SSP1307Fly-Fishing 101Mar 29, 2023Wed$97
23SCU591France - The Rhone and LanguedocApr 25, 2023Tue$39
23WCR417Freeze It! (High Speed Photography)Feb 18, 2023Sat$149
23SLW907French Beginner IIMar 20, 2023Mon$137
23WLW907AFrench, Beginner 2- ONLINEJan 11, 2023Wed$116
23SHG830Fun, Fantastic, Flavorful HerbsApr 17, 2023Mon$39
23SSP1383GPS, AIS, and RADARMar 20, 2023Mon$40
23SHG808BGet SOLD on Home StagingMar 20, 2023Mon$36
23SHG808AGet SOLD on Home StagingApr 26, 2023Wed$36
23SSP007BGetting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf Instruction(Closed)*May 11, 2023Thu$215
23SSP007Getting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf InstructionMay 16, 2023Tue$215
23SAM173Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceApr 18, 2023Tue$52
23SAM174Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice- ONLINE!May 24, 2023Wed$42
22SGIFTSGift Certificates*ba 0, 0
23SSP007AGirls On The Green: Ladies' Golf(Closed)*May 10, 2023Wed$215
23STT1561Greystone Hall: Historic House TourMar 9, 2023TH$29
23STT1562Greystone Hall: Historic House TourApr 13, 2023TH$29
23SAM1563Greystone Hall: Mansion Movies SeriesMar 18, 2023Sat$25
23SAM1564Greystone Hall: Mansion Movies SeriesMar 19, 2023Sun$25
23SAM1565Greystone Hall: Mansion Movies SeriesApr 1, 2023Sat$25
23SAM1566Greystone Hall: Mansion Movies SeriesApr 2, 2023Sun$25
23STT1560Greystone Hall: Mother's Day English Tea(Closed)*May 14, 2023Sun$39
23SCU515Hands On! - Elevate Your Charcuterie Skills!Apr 18, 2023Tue$70
23SCU514AHands-On Dumplings & DipsMar 23, 2023Thu$70
23SCU514Hands-On Knife SkillsMar 9, 2023Thu$70
23SCU547Hearty Soups & Breads for CouplesMar 31, 2023Fri$148
23SCU584Highlights of East Passyunk - City Food TourMar 18, 2023Sat$72
23SCU583Historic Happy Hour - City Food TourApr 20, 2023Thu$84
23SBU232AHow to Buy a Home In Today's MarketMar 27, 2023Mon$36
23SBU232DHow to Buy a Home In Today's MarketMay 2, 2023Tue$36
23SAM194Improv Why Not?Mar 20, 2023Mon$126
23SCU555Indian Entrees and accompaniments - NEW!Apr 20, 2023Thu$74
23SDA603Intro to Ballroom and Latin Dance - Session A-Feb 7, 2023Tue$120
23SDA604Intro to Ballroom and Latin Dance - Session B- date change from catalogApr 4, 2023Tue$120
23SCR423Intro to Glassblowing NEW!Mar 25, 2023Sat/Sun$275
23WFH769Introduction to AikidoMar 6, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23SFH768Introduction to AikidoApr 10, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23MFH768Introduction to AikidoMay 15, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23SFH710Introduction to T’ai Chi Ch’uanMar 20, 2023Mon$102
23SLW903Italian for Travelers(Closed)*Mar 29, 2023Wed$137
23SCR009Knitting for AllMar 20, 2023Mon$154
23WDA600Line Dancing Level 1(Closed)*Jan 3, 2023Tue$105
23SDA600Line Dancing Level 1(Closed)*Mar 21, 2023Tue$105
23SCR404ALonaconing Silk Mill (Klotz Throwing Company)Apr 29, 2023Satt.$179
23SCR421Mala/RosaryApr 12, 2023Wed$30
23SSP1382Marine Electrical SystemsMar 29, 2023Wed$40
23SSP1382AMarine NavigationMar 21, 2023Tue$40
23SBU202AMedicare101Mar 20, 2023Mon$36
23SBU202Medicare101Apr 19, 2023Wed$36
23SBU203Medicare101May 2, 2023Tue$36
23WBU202Medicare101- ONLINE!Jan 26, 2023Thu$36
23WBU202AMedicare101- ONLINE!Feb 6, 2023Mon$36
23SCU544Mediterranean Madness for Couples(Closed)*Mar 17, 2023Fri$148
23SCU557Mediterranean Madness for CouplesJun 9, 2023Fri$148
23SCU553Moroccan Masterpieces!May 19, 2023Fri$148
23SCU550Mussels and Clams!Apr 21, 2023Fri$148
23SCU527NEW! Entertaining for Spring AffairsMay 8, 2023Monon$50
23SCU518NEW! Hands-On: Terrific TapasMay 18, 2023Thuu$70
23SCU529NEW! Paella PerfectionJun 6, 2023Tue$50
23SCU526NEW! The Simple ItalianApr 27, 2023Thuu$45
23SCU530NEW! Very VegetarianJun 8, 2023Thuu$45
23STT1594NYC Broadway FUNNY GIRL w/ DinnerMar 22, 2023Wed$303
23WCR475Needle Felt A Gnome!Feb 19, 2023Sunn$65
23SCR475Needle Felt A PenguinApr 2, 2023Sunn$65
23SCR474Needle Felt A SheepMar 5, 2023Sunn$65
23SAM144New! Banjo (5 String) BeginningMar 20, 2023Mon$115
23SCO300Organize Your Digital Photo Collection Series - NEW!Apr 6, 2023TH$89
23SCU597PA Distillery Tasting and Tour - NEW!Apr 15, 2023Sat$29
23SCU598PA Distillery Tasting and Tour - NEW!Jun 3, 2023Sat$29
23SCU593Perfect Picnic WinesJun 13, 2023Tue$39
23SSP1335Pickleball BeginnerMay 4, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1336Pickleball IntermediateJun 15, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1339Pickleball IntermediateJun 22, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1340Pickleball IntermediateJun 29, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1331Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Mar 6, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331APickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Mar 20, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331BPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 3, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1332Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 13, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1331CPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 17, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1333Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 20, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1334Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Apr 27, 2023Thu$76
23SSP1331DPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*May 1, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331EPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*May 15, 2023Mon$76
23SSP1331FPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Jun 5, 2023Mon$76
23SPT1180Puppy Foundations- ONLINE!Mar 1, 2023Wed$240
23SPT1180APuppy Foundations- ONLINE!Mar 4, 2023Sat$240
23SCR476Pysanky and Batik Egg- NEW!Feb 1, 2023Wed$160
23SCR424Repairing and Repurposing JewelryFeb 28, 2023Tue$160
23SCO301Scanning Photo Memories and DocumentsMay 4, 2023Thu$89
23SFH729ASculpt and Tone with Mo!Mar 21, 2023Tue$98
23SBU232BSelling Your Home In Today's MarketApr 11, 2023Tue$36
23SBU232CSelling Your Home In Today's MarketMay 10, 2023Wed$36
23WBU232Selling Your Home In Today's Market - ONLINE!Feb 15, 2023Wed$36
23SSP005Short Game Clinic - Co-EdJun 10, 2023Sat$46
23SLW901Spanish 1Mar 29, 2023Wed$137
23SLW988Spanish For Professionals: Medical Spanish- ONLINE!Mar 21, 2023Tue$99
23SBU048Special Needs Planning and GuardianshipsMar 21, 2023Tue$52
23SCR406Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyMar 9, 2023Thuur$97
23SCR406ASpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyApr 10, 2023Monon$97
23SCR406BSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyApr 10, 2023Monon$97
23SCR406CSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyMay 24, 2023Wed$97
23SCU528Spring Soups & SaladsApr 11, 2023Tue$45
23SCR403AStunning Digital Black and White PhotographyMar 30, 2023Thu$149
23SDA020Swing DancingMar 21, 2023Tue$89
23SFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanMar 8, 2023Wed$225
23SSP1329Tennis, BeginnerApr 15, 2023Sat$86
23SCU549Thai One On!(Closed)*Apr 14, 2023Fri$148
23SCR430The Art of the Pen: CalligraphyMar 29, 2023Wed$136
23SSC1212The Kennedy SeriesMar 20, 2023Mon$99
23SHG829The New Fresh and Local Growing Your Own Organic Fruits and Vegetables!Mar 20, 2023Mon$64
23SCU545The Turkish Table for CouplesMar 24, 2023Fri$148
23SSP1373US Coast Guard Auxillary Boating Safety Education CertificateMar 29, 2023Wed$80
23WCU539Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Mar 3, 2023Fri$148
23SCU540BUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*May 12, 2023Fri$148
23SCU558Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Jun 16, 2023Fri$148
23SCU559Under The Tuscan Sun for CouplesJun 23, 2023Fri$148
23SFH712Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification - ONLINEMar 23, 2023Thu$99
23SCR402WOW! Fantastic Fire-Spinning and More Surprises!Apr 22, 2023Sat$74
23SCR400AWOW! Philadelphia City Skyline Night Shoot!Jun 4, 2023Sunn$44
23SCR400WOW! Sunset at Wilmington Water FrontMay 26, 2023Friri$39
23SCR016WOW! - All Aboard!Mar 18, 2023Satt$29
23SCR016BWOW! - Lightroom ll - The Art of EditingApr 11, 2023Tuees$292
23SCR017WOW! - Street PhotographyMar 23, 2023TH 6$147
23WCR411WOW! -HDR PhotographyFeb 8, 2023Wed$149
23SCR410WOW! Adventures in Acadia! "New"Jun 14, 2023Weded, June 14, 2023 through Fririday, June 16,2023$774
23SCR014CWOW! Introduction To Flash PhotographyMar 26, 2023Sun$194
23SCR405BWOW! Out Of This World - Stunning Star Trails! (Astro Photography)May 19, 2023Fri$149
23SCR407WOW! Wild, Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away!May 13, 2023Satt$99
23SCR477Welding Art! - NEW!(Closed)*Mar 4, 2023Sat$350
23STT1581West Point Academy with Lunch - date/price TBDMay 17, 2023Wed$0
23SBU225AWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Mar 29, 2023Wed$10
23SBU225CWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Apr 11, 2023Tue$10
23SBU225EWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Apr 24, 2023Mon$10
23SCR401Wildlife Photography WorkshopJun 1, 2023Thuu 6$129
23SCO303Windows Personal Computer Basics!Mar 30, 2023Thu$39
23SFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiMar 28, 2023Tue$112
23SCU592Winning Wines Under $20May 16, 2023Tue$39
23SCU581Wok 'N Walk Tour of Chinatown - BACK BY DEMAND!(Closed)*Apr 1, 2023Sat$47
23WCU499Wok and Walk w/ Chef Poon - Chinese New Year !Jan 22, 2023Sun$57
23SCR459Wood Turning with a TwistMar 23, 2023Thu$129
23SCR003Wool Processing: From Sheep to Project - NEW!(Closed)*Mar 11, 2023Sat$75
23SAM109World Class Painting and DrawingMar 21, 2023T$229
23SCR408Wow! Sunset at Valley Forge National ParkJun 9, 2023Fri$19
23SCR403BWow! Ahoy, Matey! (Philadelphia Navy Yard)Apr 15, 2023Satt$39
23WCR412Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - Adobe LightroomFeb 5, 2023Sun$292
23SCR016AWow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - Adobe LightroomApr 5, 2023Wed$292
23SCR418AWow! Light Painting & Sculpting in Photography **New**Mar 7, 2023Tuees$169
23SCR422Wrapped NecklaceApr 19, 2023Wed$30
23SDA601Yoga Dance - NEW!Mar 22, 2023Wed$105
23SFH784Yoga Stretch Beginner(Closed)*Mar 21, 2023Tue$90
23SFH785Yoga Stretch BeginnerMar 23, 2023Thu$90
23SFH700Yoga for BeginnersMar 29, 2023Wed$89
23SHG824Your Best Flower/Vegetable Garden EverMar 29, 2023Wed$126
23SAM112Zentangle BasicsFeb 4, 2023Sat$60

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Course NameTypeFee
Donation to Chester County Night SchoolDonation$5

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