Chester County Night School

Art Music and Theater

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FAM001AAdult Beginner Group Piano Level 1 ClassOct 3, 2018Wed$129
18FAM001BAdult Beginner Group Piano Level 2 ClassOct 4, 2018Thu$129
18FAM001CAdult Beginner Group Piano Level 2 ClassOct 4, 2018Thu$129
18FCR415CAlex & Ani® Style Personalized Silver Charm Adjustable Bangle BraceletsSep 25, 2018Tue$29
18FCR415AAlex & Ani® Style Personalized Silver Charm Adjustable Bangle BraceletsOct 22, 2018Mon$29
18FCR415BAlex & Ani® Style Personalized Silver Charm Adjustable Bangle BraceletsNov 1, 2018Thu$29
18FAM121BAnimationSep 20, 2018Thu$235
18FAM119Botanical Illustration with Watercolor, IntroductionSep 18, 2018Tue$147
18FAM040Clay and ChardonnaySep 14, 2018Fri$50
18FAM040AClay and ChardonnayOct 5, 2018Fri$50
18FAM040BClay and ChardonnayNov 2, 2018Fri$50
18FAM040CClay and ChardonnayDec 7, 2018Fri$50
18FAM121AConceptual ArtSep 17, 2018Mon$235
18FAM050Coventry Community ChorusSep 19, 2018Wed$25
18FCR417Drawing Made SimpleOct 1, 2018Mon$49
18FAM125Drawing and Watercolor BasicsSep 18, 2018Tue$184
18FAM125ADrawing for People Who Can't Draw A Straight LineSep 17, 2018Mon$184
18FAM196Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceSep 27, 2018Thu$52
18FCR400Glassblowing Drinking GlassesOct 14, 2018Sun$99
18FCR400AGlassblowing Drinking GlassesDec 2, 2018Sun$99
18FCR403Glassblowing Flower VasesSep 16, 2018Sun$99
18FCR403AGlassblowing Flower VasesNov 25, 2018Sun$99
18FCR401Glassblowing PaperweightsNov 11, 2018Sun$99
18FCR495AGlassblowing Pumpkin WorkshopOct 28, 2018Sun$99
18FCR402AGlassblowing Your Own Ornament WorkshopDec 16, 2018Sun$99
18FAM142Guitar, BeginningSep 18, 2018Tue$124
18FAM080Improvisation – Why Not?Sep 17, 2018Mon$97
18FAM130Introduction to Studio RecordingSep 17, 2018Mon$259
18FCR070Joy of Digital Photography, Advanced IntermediateOct 9, 2018Tue$120
18FCR068Joy of Photography, BeginnersSep 18, 2018Tue$90
18FCR416BMake Your Own Prayer BeadsOct 4, 2018Thu$29
18FCR416AMake Your Own Prayer BeadsOct 16, 2018Tue$29
18FCR416CMake Your Own Prayer BeadsOct 29, 2018Mon$29
18FCR474Needle FeltingOct 16, 2018Tue$49
18FAM014BPaint and Pin(o)t- O'KeefeNov 2, 2018Fri$45
18FAM014CPaint and Pin(o)t- RothkoDec 7, 2018Fri$45
18FAM014Paint and Pin(o)t- Van GoghSep 14, 2018Fri$45
18FAM014APaint and Pin(o)t- WarholOct 5, 2018Fri$45
18FCR014BPhotography Boot Camp 1: Camera and Exposure BasicsSep 17, 2018Mon$229
18MCR015Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/NatureJul 30, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR015APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/NatureJul 30, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR016Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/NatureAug 20, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR016APhotography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/Nature-ADVANCEDAug 20, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR013Photography Kids' Camp: Macro and Abstract Landscapes/PortraitsJul 16, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$299
18MCR017Photography Teen Travel CampJul 23, 2018Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu$719
18FAM004Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts Phoenixville(Closed)*Sep 18, 2018Tue$160
18FAM005Pottery for Beginners - Community Arts PhoenixvilleSep 20, 2018Thu$160
18FCR417ARepurposed and Altered JewelryOct 11, 2018Thu$29
18FCR417BRepurposed and Altered JewelryOct 23, 2018Tue$29
18FAM001Stage Combat: Swashbuckling!Sep 17, 2018Mon$99
18FCR418The Art of the Pen: CalligraphySep 18, 2018Tue$99
18FAM131Voice Overs in the StudioSep 18, 2018Tue$235
18FCR021WOW! - A Cape May Christmas *NEW*Dec 13, 2018Thu$47
18FCR052WOW! - A Haunted Photographic Adventure At Pennhurst AsylumSep 9, 2018Sun$64
18FCR026AWOW! - Amazing Landscape Photography! *NEW*Oct 14, 2018Sun$199
18FCR018WOW! - Christmas at Longwood GardensNov 26, 2018Mon$47
18FCR018AWOW! - Christmas at Longwood GardensDec 11, 2018Tue$47
18FCR024WOW! - Creative Night Photography!Oct 16, 2018Tue$229
18FCR018BWOW! - Fantastic Fountains at Longwood GardensSep 6, 2018Thu$47
18FCR020WOW! - Philadelphia At Night *NEW*Oct 4, 2018Thu$47
18FCR023WOW! - Photo Scavenger Hunt! *NEW*Oct 22, 2018Mon$179
18FCR015AWOW! - Photography Boot Camp II / The Art of Seeing CreativelyOct 11, 2018Thu$229
18FCR015IWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series- Amazing Beauty in Abandoned and Decaying! (Lukens Steel)Sep 22, 2018Sat$64
18FCR015CWOW! - Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographySep 20, 2018Thu$119
18FCR015BWOW! - The Magnificent World of Macro PhotographySep 26, 2018Wed$249
18FCR022WOW! - This Is My Story! (Photojournalism) *NEW*Oct 10, 2018Wed$179
18FCR455Woodworking Beginner/Intermediate: Adirondack ChairSep 18, 2018Tue$98
18FAM121World Class Painting and DrawingSep 18, 2018Tue$162
18FCR019AWow! Fantastic Fire SpinningOct 6, 2018Sat$64
18FCR016Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomSep 27, 2018Thu$279
18FCR017Wow! Stunning Black and White PhotographySep 18, 2018Tue$179

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