Chester County Night School

Beginners' Classes

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FLW911AAmerican Sign Language Beginner 1Sep 25, 2019Wed$164
19FLW924ABeginners German ISep 19, 2019Thu$137
19SCR492Blacksmithing for Beginners(Closed)*May 25, 2019Sat$94
19MCR490ABlacksmithing- Just added!Jun 8, 2019Sat$94
19MCR490BBlacksmithing- Just added!Aug 17, 2019Sat$94
19MCHECK000Computer Keyboarding for Middle Schoolers - NEW!Jul 8, 2019Mon, T, Wed, TH, Fri 9$100
19FLW924Intermediate GermanSep 17, 2019Tue$137
19FLW901Italian for Beginners - Back by popular demand!Sep 17, 2019Tue$156
19FCR006AKnitting CommunitySep 18, 2019Wed$129
19FCO315No More Hunting and Pecking: Keyboarding for BeginnersSep 17, 2019Tue$117
19SCU011Taste and See Tour of Phoenixville(Closed)*May 19, 2019Sun$45
19SCU014Taste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleJun 9, 2019Sun$45
19SCU015Taste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleJun 23, 2019Sun$45
19MCU011ATaste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleJul 7, 2019Sun$45
19MCU011Taste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleJul 21, 2019Sun$45
19MCU011BTaste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleAug 4, 2019Sun$45
19MCU011CTaste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleAug 18, 2019Sun$45
19FSP1329Tennis, BeginnerAug 26, 2019Mon and Wed$139
19MSP1330Tennis, IntermediateJun 17, 2019Mon and Wed$139
19FAM007Whipcracking 101! - NEW!Sep 25, 2019Wed$49
19FAM051Women's 4-Part Acapella Singing- New dates!Sep 10, 2019Tue$25

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