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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
20FCU547Comfort in a Bowl For CouplesNov 13, 2020Fri$138
20FCU547AComfort in a Bowl For CouplesNov 14, 2020Sat$138
20FCU539Crazy For Cuban - Couples ClassOct 16, 2020Fri$138
20FCU539ACrazy For Cuban - Couples ClassOct 17, 2020Sat$138
21SCU525Culinary Institute TripApr 26, 2021Monon$135
20STT1550Culinary Institute of America: Status -Tentative date change to 4/26/21Apr 26, 2021Mon$135
21SCU524Fresh Vegetables!Apr 19, 2021Mon$45
20FCU548Global Street Food for CouplesNov 20, 2020Fri$138
20FCU548AGlobal Street Food for CouplesNov 21, 2020Sat$138
21SCU512Herb by Herb: Fabulous Fresh FlavorsApr 12, 2021Mon$45
20FCU584AHighlights of East Passyunk - City Food Tours - new date!Nov 14, 2020Sat$54
20FCU583Historic Happy Hour - City Food TourNov 5, 2020Thu$84
21SCU518AHot Soup!Mar 22, 2021Mon$45
20FCU546Indian Treasures - Couples ClassNov 6, 2020Fri$138
20FCU546AIndian Treasures - Couples ClassNov 7, 2020Sat$138
20FCU549Loving Lisbon - Couples ClassNov 27, 2020Fri$138
20FCU549ALoving Lisbon - Couples ClassNov 28, 2020Sat$138
20FCU540Peruvian Delights Couples ClassOct 23, 2020Fri$138
20FCU540APeruvian Delights Couples ClassOct 24, 2020Sat$138
20FCU538APierogi Love Couples ClassOct 10, 2020Sat$138
21SCU528Praise for PrawnsApr 29, 2021Thu$50
20FCU545Southern Comfort - Couples ClassOct 30, 2020Fri$138
20FCU545ASouthern Comfort - Couples ClassOct 31, 2020Sat$138
21SCU522Spotlight: Latin AmericanApr 22, 2021Thu$45
20FCU551Table for 2Dec 11, 2020Fri$138
20FCU552Table for 2Dec 18, 2020Fri$138
20FCU550Table for 2 - South American SunshineDec 4, 2020Fri$138
21SCU526Taste Your Way Through The Italian MarketMay 8, 2021Sat$50
21SCU526CTaste Your Way Through The Italian MarketJun 5, 2021Sat$50
21SCU527The Chopping Block - Knife SkillsMay 6, 2021TH$70
20FTT040There’s No Place Like Home: Fun In Philly - ONLINEOct 19, 2020Mon$15
21SCU517Touch of SeoulApr 8, 2021Thu$45
20FCU581Wok 'N Walk Tour with Chef Joe Poon!Oct 15, 2020Thu$60

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Not Currently Scheduled

These courses are not currently scheduled, but may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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