Chester County Night School

Culinary Arts, Food Wine

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
20SCU571Adult/Child Pasta Class - Status: class is postponed -date TBDApr 19, 2020Sun$155
20SCU017CBasics of Cheesemaking -class being held onlineMay 15, 2020Fri$64
20SCU017BBasics of Cheesemaking- class being held onlineMay 8, 2020Fri$64
20STT1550Culinary Institute of America: Status -Tentative date change to 4/26/21Apr 26, 2021Mon$135
20FCU524Good for the Gut (Vegetarian Friendly)Oct 26, 2020Mon$45
20SCU524Good for the Gut (Vegetarian Friendly) - Status: class changed to 10/26Oct 26, 2020Mon$45
20FCU512Herb by Herb: Fabulous Fresh FlavorsOct 5, 2020Mon$45
20SCU512Herb by Herb: Fabulous Fresh Flavors - Status: class postponed - dateTBDApr 20, 2020Mon$45
20FCU584Highlights of East Passyunk - City Food TourSep 19, 2020Sat$54
20SCU570Homemade Pasta 101 - Postponed date TBD(Closed)*Apr 2, 2020Thu$78
20FCU518AHot Soup!Nov 5, 2020Thu$45
20SCU518AHot Soup! - Status: class is being postponed until 11/5Nov 5, 2020Thu$45
20FCU521Rockin' RecipesNov 10, 2020Tue$45
20SHG019Small Scale Farming -class being held outside(Closed)*May 29, 2020Frir$39
20FCU522Spotlight: Latin AmericanOct 22, 2020Thu$45
20SCU522Spotlight: Latin American - Status: being held 10/22Oct 22, 2020Thu$45
20FCU526Taste Your Way Through The Italian MarketOct 3, 2020Sat$50
20FCU526BTaste Your Way Through The Italian MarketOct 24, 2020Sat$50
20SCU526BTaste Your Way Through The Italian Market - Status: changed to 10/24Oct 24, 2020Sat$50
20SCU526Taste Your Way Through The Italian Market - Status: changed to 10/3Oct 3, 2020Sat$50
20FCU517Touch of SeoulOct 8, 2020Thu$45
20SCU517Touch of Seoul- Status: changed to 10/8Oct 8, 2020Thu$45
20SCU516ATribute to Tuna - Status: class postponed - date TBDMar 12, 2020Thu$50
20MCU530Virtual Pizza PartyMay 15, 2020Fri$30
20MCU531Virtual Pizza PartyMay 16, 2020Sat$30
20FCU581Wok 'N Walk Tour with Chef Joe Poon!Oct 15, 2020Thu$60

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