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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
20SDA044AAdult Beginner BalletMar 17, 2020Tue$87
20SDA048Adult Beginner JazzMar 18, 2020Wed$87
20WFH767BAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingJan 21, 2020Tue$69
20SFH767AAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingApr 14, 2020Tue$69
20SFH767Adult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingMay 7, 2020Thu$69
20SSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkApr 25, 2020Sat$42
20SFH740BAwakening Your ChakrasMar 24, 2020Tue$29
20SFH781Barre FitMar 18, 2020Wed$90
20SFH751BBarre Fusion at Penn OaksMar 19, 2020Thu$99
20SFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongMar 19, 2020TH$80
20WFH739Beginners Mindful MeditationJan 21, 2020Tue$88
20WFH739ABeginners Mindful MeditationJan 27, 2020Mon$88
20SFH740Beginners Mindful Meditation - Price ChangeApr 2, 2020Tue$44
20SFH740ABeginners Mindful Meditation - Price ChangeApr 14, 2020Tue$44
20SFH704AChair Yoga MixMar 16, 2020Mon$70
20SSP002ACoventry Woods Hike- New Date!May 2, 2020Sat$29
20SFH001CDance Lite!Mar 2, 202012:00 PMon to 12:45 PMon$115
20SFH039How To Discover Your Master Angel ChakraMar 17, 2020Tue$89
20SFH768Introduction to AikidoMar 30, 2020Mon and Wed$59
20SDFH769Introduction to AikidoApr 27, 2020Mon and Wed$59
20SFH769Introduction to AikidoApr 27, 2020Mon and Wed$59
20MFH770Introduction to AikidoJun 1, 2020Mon and Wed$59
20MFH771Introduction to AikidoJun 29, 2020Mon and Wed$59
20SSP1381Introductory ArcheryFeb 29, 2020Sat 12$99
20SSP1381AIntroductory ArcheryMar 14, 2020Satturday 12$99
20SSP1381BIntroductory ArcheryMay 2, 2020Satturday 12$99
20SDA685Line Dancing Level 1Mar 17, 2020Tue$84
20SFH727Pilates FusionMar 17, 2020Tue$86
20SFH708Prenatal YogaMar 18, 2020Wed$117
20SFH736Reiki Level 1 - Price ChangeMar 19, 2020TH$44
20SFH736AReiki Level 1- Price ChangeMar 31, 2020Tue$44
20SSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for BeginnersMay 6, 2020Wed$182
20SFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingMar 2, 2020Mon$200
20SFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingMar 4, 2020Wed$200
20SFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingMar 6, 2020Fri$200
20SFH783AStretching The Yoga WayMar 17, 2020Tue$90
20SFH783CStretching The Yoga WayMar 19, 2020Thu$90
20SFH710Tai Chi For LifeMar 18, 2020Wed$102
20SFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanApr 18, 2020Weded 6$225
20SFH741What is Positive Psychology? How Do We Benefit?Mar 24, 2020Tue$29
20SFH769AWing Chun Tai ChiMar 17, 2020Tue$81
20SFH700Yoga BasicsMar 18, 2020Wed$90
20SFH706AYoga Flow (Intermediate to Advanced)Mar 16, 2020Mon$130
20SFH701Yoga FundamentalsMar 16, 2020Mon$130
20SFH701AYoga FundamentalsMar 19, 2020Thu$130
20SFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshMar 16, 2020Mon$64
20SFH705Yoga for Every Body (Beginners)Mar 17, 2020Tue$130
20WFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshJan 6, 2020Mon$52
20SFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshMar 16, 2020Mon$64
20SFH001DZumba!Mar 2, 2020Mon, Wed and Fri$115

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