Chester County Night School

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Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
20WDA044Adult Beginner BalletJan 7, 2020Tue$87
20WDA448Adult Beginner JazzJan 8, 2020Wed$87
19FFH767Adult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingNov 7, 2019Thu$69
20WFH767BAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingJan 21, 2020Tue$69
19FFH781ABarre Fit ClassesOct 30, 2019Wed$90
20WFH739Beginners Mindful MeditationJan 21, 2020Tue$88
20WFH739ABeginners Mindful MeditationJan 27, 2020Mon$88
19FSP002ACoventry Woods HikeOct 26, 2019Sat$29
20WFH001CDance Lite!Nov 4, 2019Mon, Wed, and Fri ongoing, 10 class punch card given out first day of class$80
20WFH024Eight Pieces of BrocadeJan 8, 2020Wed$54
20WFH768Introduction to AikidoJan 13, 2020Monon/Weded 6$59
20WDA685Line Dancing Level 1Jan 6, 2020Mon$84
19FFH779APilates Mat ClassOct 29, 2019Tue$60
20WFH736AReiki Level 1Jan 6, 2020Mon$88
20WFH736Reiki Level 1Jan 7, 2020Tue$88
19FFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 6, 2019Wed$155
19FFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 8, 2019Fri$155
20WFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingJan 6, 2020Mon$200
20WFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingJan 8, 2020Wed$200
20WFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingJan 10, 2020Fri$200
20SFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingMar 2, 2020Mon$200
20SFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingMar 4, 2020Wed$200
19FFH783CStretching The Yoga WayOct 29, 2019Tue$90
19FFH783BStretching The Yoga WayOct 31, 2019Thu$90
19FFH731Sugar Detox - Break the Sugar Addiction!Nov 2, 2019Sat$29
20SFH710Tai Chi For Life - Location ChangeMar 18, 2020Wed$102
20WFH769Tai Chi Wing ChunNov 4, 2019Mon$81
20WFH769ATai Chi Wing ChunJan 7, 2020Tue$81
20WFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanJan 4, 2020Sat 9:00 - 10:00 am and Wed$225
19FFH737Usui Reiki Level 1- NEW!Oct 15, 2019Tue$88
19FFH732Weight Loss, Energy, and Vitality after 40!Oct 19, 2019Sat$29
20WFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshJan 6, 2020Mon$56
20WFH705Yoga for Every BodyJan 7, 2020Tue$130
20WFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshJan 6, 2020Mon$56
19FFH001DZumba!Oct 28, 2019Mon, Wed, Fri$95
20WFH001DZumba!Nov 18, 2019Mon, Wed, and Fri ongoing, 10 class punch card given the first class.$115

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