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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FFH705A(Beginners) Baby Boomer YogaSep 17, 2019Tue$130
19FFH776ACQUAPOLE® Fiitness and Kickbox TrainingSep 11, 2019Wed$75
19FFH799BAccelerated Adult Swimming LessonsSep 12, 2019Thu$130
19FSP1302Adult Horseback Riding - Private All LevelsSep 16, 2019Mon$172
19FFH767BAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingOct 8, 2019Tue$69
19FFH767Adult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingNov 7, 2019Thu$69
19FSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkOct 12, 2019Sat$42
19FFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingSep 15, 2019Sun$75
19FFH799AAqua AerobicsSep 10, 2019Tue and Thu$55
19FFH796AAqua Power CircuitSep 9, 2019Mon$75
19FFH796BAqua Power CircuitSep 12, 2019Thu$75
19FFH792Aqua Spinning & ToneSep 9, 2019Mon$75
19FFH792AAqua Spinning & ToneSep 10, 2019Tue$75
19FFH792BAqua Spinning & ToneSep 10, 2019Tue$75
19FFH790AArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramSep 9, 2019Monon/Friri 11$70
19FFH733Autumn DeTox Clean SlateSep 28, 2019Sat$29
19FFH751BBarre Fusion at Penn OaksSep 19, 2019Thu$99
19FFH795Beginner KettlebellsSep 10, 2019Tue$75
19FFH719Beginner Tai Chi with Qigong - NEW DAY!Sep 17, 2019Tue$80
19FFH740Beginners Mindful Meditation - NEW DATES!Oct 15, 2019Tue$88
19FFH739Beginners Mindful Meditation - NEW!Oct 10, 2019TH$88
19FFH771Beginning TRX Suspension Training(Closed)*Sep 9, 2019Mon$75
19FDA696Broadway Dance - all levels!Sep 16, 2019Mon$84
19FFH004ACHI FIT - NEW!Sep 16, 2019Mon$84
19FFH704AChair Yoga MixSep 16, 2019Monondays 12$70
19FFH730Conscious Aging-Making Rest of Life the Best of LifeOct 10, 2019Thu$69
19FFH770Core, Cardio and Power Personal Training (In A Group Setting)Sep 12, 2019Thu$75
19FSP002ACoventry Woods HikeOct 26, 2019Sat$29
19FFH791Easy Spin - Just Cruisin'Sep 9, 2019Mon$75
19FFH024Eight Pieces of BrocadeSep 18, 2019Wed$54
19FFH777Empowering Water WalkingSep 9, 2019Mon and Wed$55
19FFH704BFit MomSep 17, 2019Tue$70
19FFH712Functional FitnessSep 12, 2019Thu$75
19FFH768Introduction to AikidoSep 16, 2019Mon and Wed$59
19FFH768AIntroduction to AikidoOct 15, 2019Tue and Thu$59
19FFH794DKettlebells with Lester JilesSep 10, 2019Tue$75
19FFH794Kettlebells with Lester JilesSep 11, 2019Wed$75
19FFH794AKettlebells with Lester JilesSep 14, 2019Sat$75
19FFH070Learn Self HypnosisSep 17, 2019Tue$60
19FDA685Line Dancing Level 1Sep 17, 2019Tuee$84
19FFH798Parent & Tot Swimming LessonsSep 10, 2019Tue$96
19FFH727Pilates FusionSep 17, 2019Tue$86
19FFH708Prenatal YogaSep 18, 2019Wed$117
19FSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for BeginnersSep 4, 2019Wed$182
19FDA697Salsa/Mambo Dance - NEW!Sep 17, 2019Tue$84
19FFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingSep 9, 2019Mon$175
19FFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 6, 2019Wed$155
19FFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 8, 2019Fri$155
19FFH729Seniors in Motion - NEW!Sep 18, 2019Wed$82
19FFH731Sugar Detox - Break the Sugar Addiction!Nov 2, 2019Sat$29
19FFH710Tai Chi For Life - Location ChangeSep 18, 2019Wed$102
19FFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanSep 4, 2019Wed and Sat$225
19FFH003The Power of Food and Lifestyle Choices for a Healthy Body and MindSep 17, 2019Tue$49
19FFH736Usui Reiki Level 1- NEW!Sep 17, 2019Tue$88
19FFH737Usui Reiki Level 1- NEW!Oct 15, 2019Tue$88
19FFH732Weight Loss, Energy, and Vitality after 40!Oct 19, 2019Sat$29
19FFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiSep 17, 2019Tue$81
19FFH711Women's Self Defense (Adults and Teens)Sep 10, 2019Tue$99
19FFH701Yoga (Beginners) FundamentalsSep 16, 2019Mon$130
19FFH700Yoga Basics- Time change!Sep 18, 2019Wed$90
19FFH706AYoga Flow (Intermediate to Advanced)Sep 16, 2019Mon$130
19FFH769BYoga Inspired Stretching with NikkiSep 12, 2019Thu$75
19FFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshSep 16, 2019Mon$56
19FFH705Yoga for Every Body (Beginners)Sep 17, 2019Tue$130
19FFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshSep 16, 2019Mon$56
19FFH751AZumba At Penn OaksSep 21, 2019Sat$72
19FFH001CZumba for Beginners - NEW!Sep 9, 2019Mon$95

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