Chester County Night School

Photography and Photo Editing

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19SCR410Better Images with Your Digital Camera (DSLR)Mar 19, 2019Tue$137
19MCHECK012Creativity by Design - AM SessionJul 8, 2019Mon, T, Wed, and TH$200
19MCHECK012ACreativity by Design - AM SessionJul 15, 2019Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu$200
19SCR014BPhotography Boot Camp 1: Camera and Exposure Basics(Closed)*Mar 20, 2019Wed$229
19SCR014CPhotography Boot Camp 1: Camera and Exposure Basics- JUST ADDED!Apr 28, 2019Sun$229
19SCO357APhotoshop CC Level 2 at SpringhouseMay 16, 2019Thu and Fri$590
19SCO357Photoshop CC, Level 1 at SpringhouseApr 15, 2019Mon and Tue$590
19SCR015IWOW! - All Aboard!Mar 23, 2019Sat$39
19SCR017AWOW! - Pennhurst Asylum - abandoned, decaying and haunted!May 11, 2019Sat$114
19SCR015AWOW! - Photography Boot Camp II / The Art of Seeing CreativelyMar 21, 2019Thu$229
19SCR015JWOW! - Saturday Shootout Series- Ben Franklin Bridge Walk & City Night ShootJun 1, 2019Sat$47
19SCR015CWOW! - Spectacular Smart Phone PhotographyApr 24, 2019Wed$119
19SCR018BWOW! - The Art of Pet PhotographyMay 25, 2019Sat$79
19SCR014AWOW! Photography Boot Camp IMar 19, 2019Tue$229
19SCR017WOW! – Photoshop for PhotographersMar 19, 2019Tue$249
19SCR018AWOW! – Wildlife Photo Safari (*NEW)May 4, 2019Sat$39
19SCR018WOW! – Wildlife Photography Workshop (*NEW)Apr 25, 2019Thu$129
19SCR019AWow! Fantastic Fire Spinning and More Surprises!Jun 4, 2019Tue$54
19SCR016Wow! How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomMar 18, 2019Mon$279

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