Chester County Night School

Photography and Photo Editing

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FCR007Amazing Landscape PhotographyOct 13, 2019Sun$229
19FCR015Beautiful Boathouse Row & Water Works at NightOct 6, 2019Sun$47
19FCR011Photography Boot Camp I: The BasicsSep 17, 2019Tue$229
19FCR009Saturday Shootout Series- Lukens SteelSep 21, 2019Sat$64
19FCR008Bringing Your Photographs to LifeSep 24, 2019Tue$59
19FCR019AFantastic Fire Spinning and More Surprises!Nov 19, 2019Tue$57
19FCR016How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomOct 19, 2019Sat$279
19FCR017APennhurst Asylum At Night - abandoned, decaying and haunted!Nov 16, 2019Sat$138
19FCR012Photography Boot Camp 1: The Basics(Closed)*Sep 19, 2019Thu$229
19FCR013APhotography Boot Camp II / The Art of Seeing CreativelyOct 17, 2019Thu$229
19FCO357APhotoshop CC Level 2 at SpringhouseOct 31, 2019Thu and Fri$590
19FCO357Photoshop CC, Level 1 at SpringhouseOct 7, 2019Mon and Tue$590
19FCR015JSunset Shootout: Wilmington Waterfront(Closed)*Oct 11, 2019Fri$35

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