Chester County Night School

Sports and Games

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18SSP1340Basketball for Men at East H.S. - New Start DateMar 19, 2018Mon$89
18SSP1342Basketball for Men at Henderson- Date ChangeMar 21, 2018Wed$89
18SSP1344Basketball for Women at HendersonMar 21, 2018Wed$89
18SSP1374Boating Safety Education CertificateApr 2, 2018Mon$85
18SSP007Co-Ed Golf - Outdoors at Pickering ValleyMay 1, 2018Tue$205
18SSP007BCo-Ed Golf InstructionMay 3, 2018Thu$205
18SSP004Complete Long Game/WoodsMay 19, 2018Sat$44
18SSP002Coventry Woods HikeMay 12, 2018Sat$22
18SSP1386Evening Canoe Trip with Dinner-Price ChangeMay 19, 2018Satt$80
18SSP1307Fly-Fishing 101Apr 5, 2018Thu$97
18SSP1350Historic Tour by 15 Passenger BikeApr 15, 2018Sunn$29
18SSP1305Intro to Trap Shooting(Closed)*Mar 20, 2018Tue$49
18SSP1305BIntroduction to Trap Shooting(Closed)*May 8, 2018Tue$49
18SSP007ALadies' Night Golf - Outdoors at Pickering ValleyMay 2, 2018Wed$205
18SSP1376Piloting (Navigation) for BoatersMar 20, 2018Tue$115
18SSP1351Pub Crawl by 15 Passenger BikeApr 6, 2018Friri$29
18SSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for Beginners(Closed)*May 16, 2018Wed$180
18SSP005Short Game Golf ClinicMay 12, 2018Sat$44
18SSP1325Tennis for BeginnersMay 2, 2018Wed$139
18SSP1331Tennis, Advanced BeginnerApr 16, 2018Mon and Wed$139
18SSP1329Tennis, BeginnerApr 16, 2018Mon and Wed$139
18SSP1330Tennis, IntermediateApr 17, 2018T and TH$139

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