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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FTT15252nd Friday Walking Tours of West Chester: Old Fashion ChristmasDec 7, 2019Fri$29
19FTT15899/11 Memorial Museum and Dinner(Closed)*Nov 9, 2019Sat$143
19FCO367AAccess 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 19, 2019Tue$245
20WCO369Access 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseJan 7, 2020Tue$210
20WDA044Adult Beginner BalletJan 7, 2020Tue$87
20WDA448Adult Beginner JazzJan 8, 2020Wed$87
20WDA042Adult Beginner TapJan 6, 2020Mon$87
19FFH767Adult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingNov 7, 2019Thu$69
20WFH767BAdult, Child, Infant and CPR with AED trainingJan 21, 2020Tue$69
20WPT1182Agility Training and Fun Tricks for DogsJan 18, 2020Sat$189
19FCO302BAmazon Alexa and Apple Siri WorkshopDec 5, 2019TH$34
19FTT1588American Music Theatre Christmas Show and LunchDec 1, 2019Sun$140
20WLW911American Sign Language Beginner 2Jan 6, 2020Mon$140
20WBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessJan 7, 2020Tue$29
20WBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaFeb 11, 2020Tue$29
19FHG833Backyard Chickens Egg ProductionOct 24, 2019Thu$29
20WFH781Barre FitJan 8, 2020Wed$90
19FFH781ABarre Fit ClassesOct 30, 2019Wed$90
20WFH739Beginners Mindful MeditationJan 21, 2020Tue$88
20WFH739ABeginners Mindful MeditationJan 27, 2020Mon$88
20SFH740Beginners Mindful MeditationApr 14, 2020Tue$88
20WPT1180Beginning Dog ObedienceJan 18, 2020Sat$145
19FBU044CBeyond the Simple WillOct 22, 2019Tue$29
19FCR492Blacksmithing for BeginnersOct 19, 2019Sat$94
19FCU563Breakfast for Lunch-DosaNov 17, 2019Sun$50
20WCR008Bringing Your Photographs to LifeJan 7, 2020Tue$59
19FCU547Caribbean Island Hopping For CouplesDec 13, 2019Fri$128
19FCU516BCast (Iron) of VeggiesNov 4, 2019Mon$45
19FCU549Chillin' And Grillin' for CouplesJan 3, 2020Fri$128
20WCU576Christmas Eve Italian Fish TraditionsDec 5, 2019Thu$78
19FCR014FChristmas at Longwood GardensDec 3, 2019Tue$47
19FCHECK102Cool Art Studio!Nov 6, 2019Wed$108
19FSP002ACoventry Woods HikeOct 26, 2019Sat$29
19FCU516ACreative Cast Iron CookingOct 21, 2019Mon$45
19FCR014CCreative Flash PhotographyOct 22, 2019Tue$249
20WCU524ACulinary Boot CampJan 7, 2020Tue$300
20WFH001CDance Lite!Nov 4, 2019Mon, Wed, and Fri - 7 week session$80
20WCU551Delicious Date Nights: Ravishing Risotto **NO HANDS ONJan 30, 2020Thuursday 6$45
17FDONATIONDonation*ba 0, 0
20WFH024Eight Pieces of BrocadeJan 8, 2020Wed$54
19FCO342EExcel 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseOct 24, 2019Thu$245
20WCO346Excel 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseDec 19, 2019Thu$210
19FCO343EExcel 2016, Level 2 at SpringhouseOct 29, 2019Tue$245
20WCO343DExcel 2016, Level 2 at SpringhouseJan 3, 2020Fri$210
19FCR019AFantastic Fire Spinning and More Surprises!Nov 19, 2019Tue$57
19FCU541Flatbreads and Flavors For CouplesNov 15, 2019Fri$128
20SHG826Fun, Fantastic Flavorful Herbs - NEWMar 16, 2020Mon$59
19FCU518AGet Bowled OverOct 28, 2019Mon$45
20SAM196Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceApr 6, 2020Mon$52
20SAM197Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceApr 21, 2020Tue$52
19FAM196AGetting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice - Just added!Oct 29, 2019Tue$52
19FSC1206Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of Southeastern PennsylvaniaOct 22, 2019Tue$29
19FCERTGift Certificate*ba 0, 0
20WCR002Glass Fusing: Make Your Own SuncatcherJan 21, 2020Tue$48
19FCR020AGoat Milk Soap Making(Closed)*Oct 22, 2019Tue$54
19FCR020BGoat Milk Soap Making(Closed)*Oct 29, 2019Tue$54
19FCR020CGoat Milk Soap MakingNov 12, 2019Tue$54
19FCR020DGoat Milk Soap Making(Closed)*Dec 3, 2019Tue$54
19FCR020EGoat Milk Soap Making- Part TwoNov 19, 2019Tue$54
19FTT1560Greystone Hall: Halloween House Tour and Murder Mystery(Closed)*Oct 27, 2019Sun$40
19FTT1560AGreystone Hall: Christmas Holiday House Tour(Closed)*Dec 10, 2019Tue$40
19FTT1560CGreystone Hall: End of Year Holiday House TourDec 29, 2019Sun$40
19FTT1595HAMILTON Show and Dinner- Front Mezzanine Seats(Closed)*Oct 20, 2019Sun$359
19FTT1592HAMILTON Show and Dinner- Front Mezzanine Seats(Closed)*Oct 27, 2019Sun$359
19FTT1599HAMILTON Show and Dinner- Front Mezzanine Seats(Closed)*Oct 30, 2019Wed$359
19FTT1597HAMILTON Show and Dinner- Orchestra Seats(Closed)*Oct 20, 2019Sun$499
19FTT1591HAMILTON Show and Dinner- Orchestra Seats(Closed)*Oct 27, 2019Sun$499
19FTT1598HAMILTON Show and Dinner- Orchestra Seats(Closed)*Oct 30, 2019Wed$499
19FTT1596HAMILTON Show and Dinner-Back Mezzanine Seats(Closed)*Oct 20, 2019Sun$339
19FTT1505High Line/Hudson Yards/Chelsea Market - NEW!(Closed)*Oct 27, 2019Sun$73
19FCHECK110Holiday Studio(Closed)*Nov 21, 2019Tue$60
19FCHECK110AHoliday Studio Two(Closed)*Dec 2, 2019Mon$60
19FCU572Homemade GnocchiNov 14, 2019Thu$78
20WCU573Homemade GnocchiJan 9, 2020Thu$78
19FCU568Homemade Pasta 101Nov 7, 2019Thu$78
20WCU569Homemade Pasta 101Jan 16, 2020Thu$78
19FCU574Homemade RavioliOct 22, 2019Tue$78
20WCU575Homemade RavioliFeb 6, 2020TH$78
19FCO302EHow To Build Your Own WebsiteDec 19, 2019TH$34
19FCR016How did you make that picture look so amazing? - LightroomOct 19, 2019Sat$279
20WBU231How to Buy a Home in Today's MarketJan 21, 2020Tue$32
20WSC1209Hunters of the SkyJan 6, 2020Mon$34
20WAM106Improv Why Not?Jan 7, 2020Tue$99
19FCO377InDesign CC, Level 1 at SpringhouseOct 21, 2019Mon and Tue$590
20WCO378InDesign CC, Level 1 at SpringhouseJan 15, 2020Wed and Thu$415
19FCO378InDesign CC, Level 2 at SpringhouseNov 7, 2019Thu and Fri$590
20WCU566Indian Street Food - Featuring MumbaiFeb 23, 2020Sun$50
20WFH768Introduction to AikidoJan 13, 2020Monon/Weded 6$59
20WCU571Italian Date NightFeb 14, 2020Fri$156
19FCU525Italian Market ToursNov 2, 2019Sat$50
20SLW903Italian for TravelersMar 17, 2020Tue$121
19FCU528Knife SkillsNov 7, 2019Thu$70
20WCU565Learn to make Paneer - Indian CheeseJan 19, 2020Sun$50
20WLW002Life Writing: A Workshop Guiding Memoir, Life Stories and Family HistoriesJan 7, 2020Tue$69
20WDA685Line Dancing Level 1Jan 6, 2020Mon$84
19FBU223ALong-term Care- NEW DATE!Nov 12, 2019Tue$25
19FCR416CMake Your Own Prayer BeadsNov 7, 2019Thuursday$31
19FBU202AMedicare101Oct 15, 2019Tue$20
19FCR474Needle Felting: Your Favorite Canine FriendOct 21, 2019Mon$51
19FCU546North African Flavors For CouplesDec 6, 2019Fri$128
19FCU548One Night In Bangkok For CouplesDec 20, 2019Fri$128
19FCU540Opa! Greece On A Plate For CouplesNov 8, 2019Fri$128
19FCO304Outsmart the ScammersNov 11, 2019Mon$19
19FCR017APennhurst Asylum At Night - abandoned, decaying and haunted!Nov 16, 2019Sat$128
19FCU539Perfectly Persian For CouplesNov 1, 2019Fri$128
20WCO376Photoshop CC Level 1 at SpringhouseJan 2, 2020Thu and Fri$415
20WCO377Photoshop CC Level 2 at SpringhouseJan 23, 2020Thu and Fri$415
19FFH779APilates Mat ClassOct 29, 2019Tue$60
20WCO354PowerPoint 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseJan 9, 2020Thu$210
20WCO356DPowerPoint 2016, Level 2 at SpringhouseJan 14, 2020Tue$210
20WPT1181Puppy KindergartenJan 18, 2020Sat$145
20WCO370Quickbooks Pro, Level 1 at SpringhouseDec 3, 2019Tue$210
20WCO373Quickbooks Pro, Level 2 at SpringhouseDec 4, 2019Wed$210
19FHG777Raising Turkeys - NEW!Nov 2, 2019Sat$29
20WFH736AReiki Level 1Jan 6, 2020Mon$88
20WFH736Reiki Level 1Jan 7, 2020Tue$88
20SFH736Reiki Level 1Mar 31, 2020Tue$88
20WHG830SAVE the Birds! Wonderful Winter Birding At Your Backyard FeedersJan 21, 2020Mon$29
19FCHECK109STEAM Design Studio(Closed)*Nov 12, 2019Tue$60
19FCHECK113STEAM K- 2!Nov 11, 2019Mon$60
19FCO302AScan Photos, Slides, Negatives and Documents(Closed)*Oct 28, 2019Mon$34
20WHG830ASeed Starting SecretsJan 14, 2020Tue$29
20WBU232ASelling Your Home In Today's MarketJan 28, 2020Tue$29
19FFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 6, 2019Wed$155
19FFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingNov 8, 2019Fri$155
20WFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingJan 6, 2020Mon$200
20WFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingJan 8, 2020Wed$200
20WFH001BSenior Adult Personal TrainingJan 10, 2020Fri$200
20SFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingMar 2, 2020Mon$200
20SFH001ASenior Adult Personal TrainingMar 4, 2020Wed$200
19FFH783CStretching The Yoga WayOct 29, 2019Tue$90
19FFH783BStretching The Yoga WayOct 31, 2019Thu$90
19FFH731Sugar Detox - Break the Sugar Addiction!Nov 2, 2019Sat$29
19FCU550Sunday Brunch ClassesOct 20, 2019Sun$64
19FCU551Sunday Brunch ClassesNov 3, 2019Sun$64
19FCU552Sunday Brunch ClassesNov 17, 2019Sun$64
19FCU553Sunday Brunch ClassesDec 1, 2019Sun$64
20SFH710Tai Chi For Life - Location ChangeMar 18, 2020Wed$102
20WFH769Tai Chi Wing ChunNov 4, 2019Mon$81
20WFH769ATai Chi Wing ChunJan 7, 2020Tue$81
20WFH745Tai Chi: An Introduction to the Ancient Art of T'ai Chi Ch'uanJan 4, 2020Sat 9:00 - 10:00 am and Wed$225
19FCU504Taste and See Tour of Phoenixville(Closed)*Oct 20, 2019Sun$45
19FCU505Taste and See Tour of PhoenixvilleNov 10, 2019Sun$45
20WAM139AThe Artist's Way- Session 2Jan 7, 2020Tue$119
20SSC1211The Civil War 1861-1865Mar 17, 2020Tue$74
20SSC1210The Laymen Look at Their ConstitutionMar 16, 2020Mon$74
19FCU542The Sizzling Southwest For CouplesNov 22, 2019Fri$128
19FBU006Time Banking For EveryoneOct 24, 2019Thu$0
20WCU533Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesJan 10, 2020Fri$128
20WCU534Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesJan 17, 2020Fri$128
20WCU535Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesJan 24, 2020Fri$128
20WCU536Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesJan 31, 2020Fri$128
20WCU537Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesFeb 7, 2020Fri$128
20WCU538Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesFeb 14, 2020Fri$128
20WCU539Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesFeb 21, 2020Fri$128
20WCU540Under The Tuscan Sun For CouplesFeb 28, 2020Fri$128
19FCU538Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Oct 25, 2019Fri$128
19FCU540AUnder The Tuscan Sun for CouplesNov 9, 2019Sat$128
20WCU564Vegan Indian Instant Pot!Dec 15, 2019Sun$50
20WAM118Watercolor Landscape - Painting The Four SeasonsJan 6, 2020Mon$139
20WSC1210We the People: Origins of the Revolution and ConstitutionJan 7, 2020Tue$54
19FFH732Weight Loss, Energy, and Vitality after 40!Oct 19, 2019Sat$29
19FBU225AWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Oct 22, 2019Tue$10
19FBU225BWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Nov 7, 2019Thu$10
19FAM107Whipcracking 101! - NEW!Oct 21, 2019Mon$49
19FCU593Wine Tasting and Tour Grace Winery - NEW!Oct 20, 2019Sun$49
19FTT1565AWinterthur Yuletide Tour and LunchDec 11, 2019Weded$45
20WCO333DWord 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseDec 11, 2019Wed$210
20WCO334Word 2016, Level 2 at SpringhouseDec 13, 2019Fri$210
19FCO381Word PressOct 28, 2019Mon and Tue$590
20WFH783Yoga Stretch with Ingrid GuthrieJan 7, 2020Tue$90
20WFH783AYoga Stretch with Ingrid GuthrieJan 9, 2020Thu$90
20WFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshJan 6, 2020Mon$56
20WFH705Yoga for Every BodyJan 7, 2020Tue$130
20WFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshJan 6, 2020Mon$56
19FFH001DZumba!Oct 28, 2019Mon, Wed, Fri$95
20WFH001DZumba!Nov 18, 2019Mon, Wed, and Fri - ongoing; 10 class punch card to be given first day of class$115

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