Chester County Night School

Courses Taught by Charlotte Ann Albertson Cooking School

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
20SHG804Bathroom Design SeminarMar 23, 2020Mononday$55
20SCU520Couples Cooking: AmoreApr 30, 2020Thu$140
20WCU524ACulinary Boot CampJan 7, 2020Tue$300
20STT1550Culinary Institute of America: Luxury Bus TourMay 18, 2020Mononday$135
20WCU551Delicious Date Nights: Ravishing Risotto **NO HANDS ONJan 30, 2020Thuursday 6$45
20SCU524Good for the Gut (Vegetarian Friendly)Mar 16, 2020Mononday$45
20SCU512Herb by Herb: Fabulous Fresh FlavorsApr 20, 2020Mononday$45
20SCU518AHot Soup!Mar 24, 2020Tueesday$45
20SHG803Kitchen Design SeminarMar 21, 2020Satturday$55
20WCU528Knife SkillsJan 16, 2020Thu$70
20SCU528Praise for PrawnsMay 14, 2020Thuursday$50
20SCU521Rockin' RecipesApr 27, 2020Mononday$45
20SCU522Spotlight: Latin AmericanMar 19, 2020Thuursday$45
20SCU526Taste Your Way Through The Italian MarketApr 18, 2020Satturday$50
20SCU526BTaste Your Way Through The Italian MarketMay 2, 2020Satturday$50
20SCU526CTaste Your Way Through The Italian MarketJun 6, 2020Satturday$50
20SCU527The Chopping Block - Knife SkillsApr 23, 2020Thuursday$70
20SCU517Touch of SeoulMar 10, 2020Tueesday$45
20SCU516ATribute to TunaMar 12, 2020Thuursday,$50

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