Chester County Night School

Courses Taught by Dianna Ellis

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FFH039Abs/ReformerSep 21, 2018Fri$85
18FFH046Aerial YogalatesSep 12, 2018Wed$95
18FFH046AAerial YogalatesSep 14, 2018Fri$95
18FFH043Basics on the Pilates ReformerSep 25, 2018Tue$85
18FFH038BCardio Pilates on the ReformerSep 24, 2018Monondays$65
18FFH038ACardio Pilates on the ReformerSep 26, 2018Wed$85
18FFH044Help my KneesSep 13, 2018Thu$85
18FFH044AHelp my KneesSep 14, 2018Fri$85
18FFH047My Aching Back and HipsSep 13, 2018Thu$85
18FFH040APilates Reformer for MenSep 25, 2018Tueesday, 6$60
18FFH070APilates Reformer for the Blind or Visually ImpairedSep 25, 2018Tue$60
18FFH008APilates for those with MS or ParkinsonsSep 10, 2018Mon$85
18FFH052Plus Size Over 40Sep 18, 2018Tue$85
18FFH052APlus Size Over40Sep 12, 2018Wed$85
18FFH037Sports Conditioning With Pilates ReformerSep 17, 2018Mon$65
18FFHO42Yogalates on the ReformerOct 25, 2018Thuurs$75
18FFH042Yogalates/ReformerOct 25, 2018Thuursdays 5$65

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