Chester County Night School

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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
19FCO302BAmazon Alexa and Apple Siri WorkshopDec 5, 2019TH$34
20WCHECK100CLAY 3-5Jan 6, 2020Mon$80
20WCHECK102CLAY K-2Feb 10, 2020Mon$60
20WCU576Christmas Eve Italian Fish TraditionsDec 5, 2019Thu$78
19FCU527Dessert Lab with Chef Anna Marie KleckoNov 16, 2019Sat$75
20WCU569Homemade Pasta 101Jan 16, 2020Thu$78
20WCU566Indian Street Food - Featuring MumbaiFeb 23, 2020Sun$50
20WFH768Introduction to AikidoJan 13, 2020Monon/Weded 6$59
19FCO302DIpad for Fun & EntertainmentNov 21, 2019TH$34
20WCU571Italian Date NightFeb 14, 2020Fri$156
20WCU565Learn to make Paneer - Indian CheeseJan 19, 2020Sun$50
20WPI1012Managing and Healing Grief with Flower EssencesJan 13, 2020Mon$29
20WTT1588PHILLY POPS -Tribute To Aretha!Feb 15, 2020Sat$177
20STT1587Penn's Peak Luncheon Show- Music of Franki ValliMay 6, 2020Wed$120
19FCHECK113STEAM K- 2!Nov 11, 2019Mon$60
20SSC1211The Civil War 1861-1865Mar 17, 2020Tue$74
20SSC1210The Laymen Look at Their ConstitutionMar 16, 2020Mon$74
20WCU564Vegan Indian Instant Pot!Dec 15, 2019Sun$50
20WSC1210We the People: Origins of the Revolution and ConstitutionJan 7, 2020Tue$54
20WFH001DZumba!Nov 18, 2019Ongoing$115

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