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Culinary Arts, Food, Wine

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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
22SCU520"Clean" Plate ClubMay 17, 2022Tue$45
22SCU500Cheesemaking and Ricotta Tasting(Closed)*May 8, 2022Sunn$65
22SCU500ACheesemaking and Ricotta Tasting(Closed)*May 28, 2022Satt$65
22SCU500BCheesemaking and Ricotta Tasting(Closed)*Jun 5, 2022Sun$65
22MCU500Cheesemaking and Ricotta TastingJul 17, 2022Sun$65
22MCU501Cheesemaking and Ricotta TastingAug 7, 2022Sun$65
22SCU530Contemporary Cuban For CouplesJun 3, 2022Fri$148
22SCU511Fast, Fresh & FlavorfulApr 26, 2022Tue$45
22SCU512Four Fabulous FonduesMar 8, 2022Tue$45
22SCU518AMission "Impossible" MenusMay 10, 2022Tue$45
22SCU514One Pan CookingMar 22, 2022Tue$45
22SCU515Simple VietnameseMar 31, 2022Thu$45
22SHG019Small Scale FarmingMay 22, 2022Sunn$50
22SCU517Summer Sides and SlawsMay 5, 2022Thu$45
22SCU599The Zin BinMay 17, 2022Tue$35
22SCU548AUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*May 20, 2022Friri$138
22SCU592Winning Wines Under $20May 31, 2022Tue$35

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These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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