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Culinary Arts, Food, Wine

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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
22FCU548Cooking from Basque Country for Couples(Closed)*Nov 18, 2022Fri$148
22FCU531Cooking from DiBruno Bros!Nov 1, 2022Tue$50
22FCU545Crazy For Caribbean for Couples(Closed)*Oct 28, 2022Fri$148
22FCU544Creole Creations for Couples(Closed)*Oct 14, 2022Fri$148
22FCU592Discovering The Wonderful Values of SpainOct 18, 2022Tue$39
22FCU518Fall Soups- date change!Oct 27, 2022TH$45
22FCU517Fast, Fresh & Fabulous: New Fall RecipesOct 17, 2022Mon$45
22FCU514AKnife SkillsOct 6, 2022Thu$70
22FCU514BKnife SkillsNov 3, 2022Thu$70
22FCU514CKnife SkillsJan 12, 2023Thu$70
22FCU514Knife Skills -date change from catalog!Sep 29, 2022Thu$70
22FCU549Lemons and Capers for Couples(Closed)*Dec 16, 2022Fri$148
22MCU518AMission "Impossible" Menus - new date!Jun 7, 2022Tue$45
22FCU519Oldies but GoodiesNov 7, 2022Mon$45
22FCU528One Pot WarmersJan 19, 2023Thu$45
23WCU540Persian Plates for Couples(Closed)*Jan 6, 2023Fri$148
22FCU593Pinot Noir Around The WorldNov 8, 2022Tue$39
22FCU529So, You Want a New Kitchen?Jan 21, 2023Sat$70
22FCU547Tasty Tapas for Couples(Closed)*Nov 11, 2022Fri$148
22FCU515The Board Room: Charcuterie Amplified-Oct 11, 2022Thu$50
22FCU540BUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Oct 7, 2022Fri$148
22FCU540CUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Oct 21, 2022Fri$148
22FCU540DUnder The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Nov 4, 2022Friri$148
22FCU550Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Dec 2, 2022Fri$148
22FCU551Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Dec 9, 2022Fri$148
22FCU511Weeknight WondersSep 15, 2022Thu$45
22FCU591Wines For Fall FareOct 4, 2022Tue$39
22FCU595Wines For Holiday Gifting and EntertainingDec 13, 2022Tue$39
22FCU594Wines of Chile & ArgentinaNov 29, 2022Tue$39
22FCU541Worldly Empanadas for Couples(Closed)*Sep 30, 2022Fri$148

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